2013 HOCR Alumnae A Boat (4th Place)
Ever Green Boat Club exists for racing. We create new opportunities for alumni and friends. Those who wear Ever Green pursue achievement beyond individual gain, for their teammates and Dartmouth.

Ever Green Boat Club features women, men, senior masters, recent graduates, and everyone in between — both in outdoor and indoor formats.

Team effort

Race wherever and whenever. Whether it's small boat competition (single, pair, double) or bigger boats (quad, four, eight), Boat Captains and the Ever Green network will help you enroll in regattas, locate equipment, and handle various logistics.

Head of the Charles

Over the course of the year, Ever Green Boat Club will identify and coordinate participation in select regattas. Our featured regatta is the Head of the Charles.


We welcome men and women who currently race as Masters rowers or who plan to race as Masters rowers. We aim to compete at any given regatta across the country. Learn more here.


We create opportunities for Dartmouth alumni to compete against other alumni organizations at the Head of the Charles and other established regattas. Learn more here.

The Ever Green Blade
  1. Contact us for the design image to use for sticker. 
  2. Paint blade flat white. 
  3. Apply sticker to blade (office depot has sticker paper, and you don't need color). 
  4. Spray dark green, and let dry. 
  5. Peel and touch up (scratch off any over spray or seepage with an exacto knife).