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Ever Green Boat Club Well-Represented at the 42nd San Diego Crew Classic

From left to right:
Tom Hull '79 (Rocky Mountain)
Charlie Hamlin P'03 (Cambridge Boat Club)
Matt Muffelman '03 (Palm Beach)
Pete Folger '82 (Potomac)
Kathy Briscoe '82
Tom Loughlin '91 (Saugatuck)
Bob Brayton '64 (Palm Beach)
Sohier Hall '92 (Sammamish)
Syd Williams '89 (Saugatuck)
Not pictured:
Brendan Stoner '14 (Potomac)
Quincy Darbyshire '11 (Union)
Hunter Dray '13 (Union)
Union, Sammamish and Cambridge came up winners in their events. Saugatuck placed second by 0.6 seconds.