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Ever Green Boat Club Well-Represented at the 42nd San Diego Crew Classic

From left to right:
Tom Hull '79 (Rocky Mountain)
Charlie Hamlin P'03 (Cambridge Boat Club)
Matt Muffelman '03 (Palm Beach)
Pete Folger '82 (Potomac)
Kathy Briscoe '82
Tom Loughlin '91 (Saugatuck)
Bob Brayton '64 (Palm Beach)
Sohier Hall '92 (Sammamish)
Syd Williams '89 (Saugatuck)
Not pictured:
Brendan Stoner '14 (Potomac)
Quincy Darbyshire '11 (Union)
Hunter Dray '13 (Union)
Union, Sammamish and Cambridge came up winners in their events. Saugatuck placed second by 0.6 seconds.

Ever Green Boat Club Celebrates the 50th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta
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  • Seven entries: three in the Men's Alumni 8+, two in the Women's Alumni 8+, one in the Men's Senior Master 4+, and one in the Women's Senior Master 8+.
  • Two medals: Women's Alumni 8+ (4th place), Men's Senior Master 4+ (4th place). 
  • Five decades: '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, and '10s. 
  • Broad participation: more than 70 alumni competed for Ever Green and other programs. Read more about Ever Green participation.
  • Five guaranteed entries in 2015: Men's Senior Master 4+, Women's Senior Master 8+, Women's Alumni 8+, Two Men's Alumni 8+.
Special congratulations to our medal winners!
  • Alumnae 8+: Jamie Chapman ‘12, Catherine Kemp ‘02, Lillian Maguire ‘14, Ali Tercek ‘11, Kate Davison ‘07, Molly Fales ‘08, Sarah Alexander ‘10, Kelli Hvorecny ‘07, Alex Stein '06 (cox).
  • Senior Master 4+: Scott Armstrong (Brown '86) "'05", Jeremy Howick '92, Jim Crawford '76, Marc Monplaisir '89, Kristy Abo '12 (cox).
Ever Green Boat Club Wins Inaugural Betteridge Cup at 2014 Alumni Sprints Regatta
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Betteridge Cup
  • Ever Green wins second consecutive team points trophy, edging the Princeton Fat Cats by five points or 0.7% of total points.
  • Five wins in 24 events and more than 30 participants.
  • Special mention to the 1982 reunion alumnae: Elizabeth Sobota, Kathleen Briscoe, Anni Santry, Elisabeth McKeon, Marie Furnary, Holly Henson, and Danielle Dyer.
  • Men's 1x (Age 55+) winner: Jim Crawford '76.
  • Mixed 2x (Age 45+) winners: Pete Folger '82/Kathy Briscoe '82.
  • Men's 4+ (No Age Restriction) winners: David Dragseth '93/ Graeme Calloway '12/ Mike Stanitski '92/ Peter Bogin '81.
  • Mens's 4x (Age 45+) winners: Marc Monplaisir '89/ Syd Williams '89/ Steve Faber '82/ Pete Folger '82.
  • Men's 4+ (Age 55+) winners: Steve Faber '82/ Jim Crawford '76/ Peter Bogin '81/ Pancho Ryan '81.