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Etienne Wasmer

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Publications and working papers

New papers (2021-22)

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Books in French (2010-2022)

Le grand retour de la terre dans les patrimoines, et pourquoi c'est une bonne nouvelle! Odile Jacob, 2022, joint with Alain Trannoy.

Dedicated website (in French, under construction).

Mention spéciale du jury du livre de l'Association Française de Sciences Economique, juin 2023

Principes de microéconomie, méthodes empiriques et théories modernes. Pearson Education, 576 pages, April 2010 

Prix de l'Association Française de Sciences Economiques 2010, prix Wolowski de l'Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques 2011. 

Principes de microéconomie, méthodes empiriques et théories modernes. Second edition published in Sept. 2014

Adding a chapter on general equilibrium with a focus on incomplete markets and a detailed presentation of the theory of frictional markets after the 2010 Nobel prize in economics (Diamond, Mortensen and Pissarides).

Principes de microéconomie, méthodes empiriques et théories modernes. Third edition published in Sept. 2017

Adding a full chapter on behavioral economics and its application to public policy and nudging.

État Moderne, État Efficace. Octobre 2011, avec Marc Ferracci, chez Odile Jacob. An introduction to modern methods of quantitative public policy evaluation and how evaluation should be organized. 

Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review, in 2016 and in 2017

Unpublished working papers

Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, Etienne Wasmer and Philippe Weil (2021) When Hosios meets Phillips: Connecting efficiency and stability to demand shocks, CEPR discussion paper

JB Eyméoud, N Petrosky-Nadeau, R Santaeulàlia-Llopis, E Wasmer, Labor Dynamics and Actual Telework Use during Covid-19: Skills, Occupations and Industries, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Working Papers

JB Eyméoud, N Petrosky-Nadeau, R Santaeulàlia-Llopis, E Wasmer, Constrasting U.S. and European Job Markets during COVID-19, Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco Economic Letter, 2021-05

Elisa Guglielminetti, Rafael Lalive, Philippe Ruh and Etienne Wasmer (2018) Home Sweet Home? Job Search with Commuting and Unemployment Insurance.


 Morgane Laouenan, Palaash Bhargava, JB Eyméoud, Olivier Gergaud, Guillaume Plique, Etienne Wasmer (2022) A Cross-verified Database of Notable People 3500BC-2018AD, Nature Sci Data Jun 9;9(1):290. doi: 10.1038/s41597-022-01369-4. - data and codes

Odran Bonnet, Guillaume Chapelle, Alain Trannoy, Etienne Wasmer (2021) Land is back, it should be taxed, it can be taxed, Online Appendices A to F , European Economic Review,  vol. 134(C). Prix Maurice Allais de Sciences Economique 2023

Andrea Aspri, Elena Beretta, Alberto Gandolfi, Etienne Wasmer (2021) Mortality containment vs. Economics Opening: Optimal policies in a SEIARD model, Journal of Mathematical Economics

Guillaume Vuillemey and Etienne Wasmer (2020) Frictional Unemployment with Stochastic Bubbles, European Economic Review, Vol. 122, February 2020

Guillaume Chapelle and Etienne Wasmer, with Pierre-Henri Bono (2020) An Urban Labor Market with Frictional Housing Markets. Theory and Application to the Paris Urban Area, Journal of Economic Geography  

Thomas Brzustowski, Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas and Etienne Wasmer (2018)  Disentangling goods, labor, and credit market frictions in three European economies, Labour Economics: The Journal of the European Association of Labour Economists.

Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas, Etienne Wasmer and Shutian Zeng (2016) Shopping Time, Economics Letters, Volume 143, June 2016, Pages 52–60.

Nicolas Lepage-Saucier and Etienne Wasmer (2016) Stress and Employment Protection, A cross-country and cross-province analysis, Journal of Human Capital, Volume 10, Number 1 | Spring 2016, pp. 33-66, Chicago Press, replaces The Economics of Prozac. Do Employees Really Gain from Strong Employment Protection? (2006).

Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne (2015) Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Model of Goods, Labor and Credit Market Frictions, Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 72, Pages 97-113 , May 2015

François Bonnet, Etienne Lalé, Mirna Safi and Etienne Wasmer (2015) Better spatial than ethnic discrimination! Reconciling audit’s findings and interviews’ findings in the French housing market, Urban Studies, July 28, 2015, doi: 10.1177/0042098015596107 ; Blog post summary and LIEPP working paper no 36)

Gobillon, Laurent, Rupert, Peter and Wasmer, Etienne (2014) Ethnic unemployment rates and frictional markets, Journal of Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 79(C), pages 108-120.

Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne (2013) The Cyclical Volatility of Labor Markets under Frictional Financial Markets, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 5(1): 193-221.

Wasmer, Etienne (2013) Book Review, The Minimum Wage and Labor Market Outcomes by Christopher J. Flinn, Journal of Economic Literature, Volume 51, Number 2, June 2013, pp. 558-560(3).

Etienne Wasmer (2012) Price, Wage and Employment Adjustments in 2007–2008 and Some Inference for the Current European Crisis: An Introduction, Labour Economics, Elsevier, vol. 19(5), pages 769-771

Peter Rupert and Etienne Wasmer (2012) Housing and the Labour Market : Time to Move and Aggregate Unemployment, Journal of Monetary Economics, Carnegie-Rochester Conference series, Volume 59:1; January 2012, 24–36 

Lamo, A. , Messina, J. and Wasmer, E. (2011) Are Specific Skills an Obstacle to Labor Market Adjustment?, Labour Economics, an International Journal, Elsevier, vol. 18(2), pages 240-256, April. (Reuters coverage)

David, Quentin, Janiak Alexandre et Etienne Wasmer (2010) Local social capital and geographical mobility, Journal of Urban Economics, 2010, Elsevier, vol. 68(2), pages 191-204, September. 

Chemin, Matthieu and Wasmer, Etienne (2009) The employment effects of 35-hour workweek regulation in France: using Alsace-Moselle local laws to build a diff-in-diff’, Journal of Labor Economics October 2009, Vol. 27, No. 4: 487-524 (lead article, erratum).

Peter Rupert, Elena Stancanelli and Etienne Wasmer (2009) Commuting, Wages and Bargaining Power, Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques, 2009, (95 - 96), 201 - 221    

Wasmer, Etienne (2009) Links between Labor Supply and Unemployment: Theory and Empirics, Journal of Population Economics. Springer, vol. 22(3), pages 773-802, July.

Chemin, Matthieu and Etienne Wasmer (2008) Regional difference-in-differences in France using the German annexation of Alsace-Moselle in 1870-1918, Frankel and Pissarides, Eds, in: NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2008, pages 285-305 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

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Wasmer, Etienne and Weil, Philippe (2001) Credit Markets and Unemployment in the Short Run and in the Long Run, International Economic Journal, 15(1), pp. 1-20.

Wasmer, Etienne (1999) Competition for Jobs in a Growing Economy and the Emergence of Dualism in Employment, The Economic Journal, July 1999, Vol. 109, no 457, pp. 349-371. (Link to Jstor)

Other stuff: Older working papers, refereed publications in French / En français (récent et ancien)

Property Tax and Related Taxes: The French Case, chapter in Lincoln Institute, joint with  Guillaume Chapelle, Guy Gilbert, and Alain Trannoy, forthcoming.


Nicolas Leconte, Alain Trannoy and Etienne Wasmer (2023). Taxation du patrimoine, bouclier fiscal et contexte macroéconomique, mélanges en l’honneur de Dany Cohen, Dalloz, forthcoming.


Etienne Wasmer (2019) “Christopher A. Pissarides 1948-”, Chapter 35 in R.A. Cord (ed.), The Palgrave Companion to LSE economics, London, Palgrave Mcmillan: 857-893.


Les Politiques du Logement, Communication, Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, 2018. Online version here. Transcript of the follow up discussion with the Academy

Le rôle de la politique des transports dans l’emploi et la résorption des écarts spatiaux entre les populations urbaines, joint with Guillaume Chapelle, in Les effets économiques du Grand Paris Express, JC. Prager ed., 2018, Economica.  

Etienne Wasmer (2016) Des Politiques Urbaines Nationales, un Oxymore ?, Revue Economique, 2016, Pages 667-678.

Etienne Wasmer (2015) Evaluation des politiques publiques : faut-il de l'interdisciplinarité ?, à paraître, Economie et Prévision numéro spécial 204-205. 

Janiak, Alexandre and Etienne Wasmer (2014) Employment protection and capital-labor ratios

Bonnet, Odran, Pierre-Henri Bono, Guillaume Chapelle and Etienne Wasmer (2014) Does housing capital contribute to inequality? A comment on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century

Mame-Fatou Diagne and Wasmer, Etienne. Evaluating pre-market discrimination: the Conventions Education Prioritaires in Sciences-Po., in progress

Matthieu Chemin and Etienne Wasmer (2009, revised 2014) Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the 1989 French welfare reform using a natural experiment : the 1908 social laws in Alsace-Moselle

Odran Bonnet & Pierre-Henri Bono & Guillaume Chapelle & Etienne Wasmer Le capital logement contribue-t-il aux inégalités? Retour sur le capital au XXIe siècle de Thomas Piketty, Sciences Po publications 25, Sciences Po, Revue d'Economie Politique, 2015/3 (Vol. 125), Pages 317 à 346.

Etienne Wasmer (2012) Le prix Nobel 2010: les marchés frictionnels Revue d'économie politique, 2011/5 (Vol. 121), pp 637-666.

Gilbert Cette & Étienne Wasmer (2010) La revalorisation automatique du SMIC, Revue de l'OFCE, Presses de Sciences-Po, vol. 0(1), pages 139-159.

Wasmer, Etienne (2008) Analyse économique du marché du logement locatif, Revue Economique, special issue Law and Economics, Vol. 58, 2007/6, pages 1247-1264

Thisse, Jacques, Wasmer, Etienne and Zenou, Yves (2003) Ségrégation Urbaine, Logement et Marchés du Travail, Revue Française d'Economie, no 4, pp 85-123. (Report or DP/WP).

Desgranges Gabriel and Wasmer, Etienne (2000) Appariements sur le Marché du Logement. Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques, Vol. 58, April-June, pp. 253-287. 

Wasmer, Etienne (1999) Changements de composition dans l'offre de travail. Implications pour les salaires et le chômage. Economie et Prévision, April-September, 138-39, pp 77-87.

Some policy notes or shorter papers (French or English)

Report : Re-thinking about minimum wage indexation rules in times of (very) low inflation, policy paper, European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, joint with Diane Delaurens, 2019 ) 

Slides for a panel on the economics of Covid-19 at USC on March 27, 2020, given the state of knowledge. Updates may follow if needed: Presentation Etienne Wasmer The Economics of the Covid-19 Crisis.pdf

Cécilia Garcia-Penalosa et Etienne Wasmer, avec la participation de Benoît Rauturier. Préparer la France à la mobilité internationale croissante des talents Note du CAE, n° 31, mai 2016. Retours presse a, b.

Pierre-Henri Bono & Etienne Wasmer (2014) Y-a-t-il un exode des qualifiés français ? : Quels sont les chiffres de l'immigration ?, Sciences Po publications info:hdl:2441/3b56avoqub8, Sciences Po.

Duvoux, Nicolas, Palier, Bruno, Gomel, Bernard, Méda, Dominique, Wasmer, Etienne,

Allegre, Guillaume. Quelle réforme pour le revenu de solidarité active et la Prime pour l'emploi ?

Marc Ferracci, Pierre Cahuc, Jean Tirole and Etienne Wasmer  (2014) L'Apprentissage au Service de l'Emploi, Note no 19 du Conseil d'Analyse Economique, English version.

Nicolas Lepage-Saucier, Juliette Schleich and Etienne Wasmer (2013) Le contrat de travail unique: quid pro quo ou simple quiproquo ?, Sciences Po publications info:hdl:2441/7o52iohb7k6, Sciences Po.

Nicolas Lepage-Saucier, Juliette Schleich and Etienne Wasmer (2013) Moving towards a single contract ? Pros, cons, and mixed feelings Sciences Po publications info:hdl:2441/6jnlp6n5qf9, Sciences Po.

Alain Trannoy and Etienne Wasmer (2013) La Politique du Logement Locatif, Note no10 du Conseil d'Analyse Economique, English version.

Alain Trannoy and Etienne Wasmer (2013) Comment modérer les prix de l’immobilier ?, Note no 2 du Conseil d'Analyse Economique,  English version.

Gilbert Cette and Etienne Wasmer, 2012. Faut-il changer les règles de revalorisation automatique du SMIC ?, Sciences Po publications info:hdl:2441/eo6779thqgm, Sciences Po.

Gilbert Cette and Etienne Wasmer (2012) Les enjeux des changements de règles de revalorisation automatique du SMIC, Sciences Po publications 5, Sciences Po.

Etienne Wasmer (2012) Marché du travail et mobilités - Insatisfaction au travail : l’exception française ?, Institut Montaigne.

Etienne Wasmer (2011) Comment apporter des réponses aux questions de politiques publiques à partir de ses travaux de recherche?, Regards croisés sur l'économie, 2011/2 (n° 10), pages 185-196

Etienne Wasmer (2011) À la recherche du locataire « idéal » : du droit aux pratiques en région parisienne, Regards croisés sur l'économie, 2011/1 (n° 9), Pages 216-227, avec François Bonnet, Etienne Lalé et Mirna Safi

Les mobilités des salariés (2010), joint with Mathilde Lemoine, Council of Economic Advisers, Prime Minister, France. Report, May 2010.

Wasmer, Etienne (2010) Commentary, in P. Garibaldi, J. Oliveira-Martins, and J. van Ours (eds), Ageing, Health, and Productivity: The Economics of Increased Life Expectancy, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Comment in The Effect of Employment Protection Legislation and Financial Market Imperfections on Investment: Evidence from a Firm-Level Panel of EU Countries, Federico Cingano (Bank of Italy), by Marco Leonardi (University of Milan), Julian Messina (University of Girona), Giovanni Pica (University of Salerno), Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University), Etienne Wasmer (Sciences Po), Avril 2009, Economic Policy

Comment in Corporate Tax Harmonization in the EU, Leon Bettendorf (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis), Michael P. Devereux (Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation), Albert van der Horst (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis), Simon Loretz (Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation), Ruud A. de Mooij (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis), Bas Jacobs (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Etienne Wasmer (Sciences Po), Octobre 2009, Economic Policy.

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C. Pissarides, P. Garibaldi, C. Olivetti, B. Petrongolo and Wasmer, Etienne (2004) Women in the labor force: How well is Europe doing?, 56 pages, first half of T. Boeri, D. del Boca and C. Pissarides (eds.), European Women at Work, Oxford University Press.

Wasmer, E. (2004) Short-Run Effects of Enlargement, Panel contribution, collective volume, ECB-CEPR conference What explains the pattern of labour supply in Europe?, Edward Elgar Publishing. 

Introduction of special issue (2004) Discrimination and Unequal Outcome, Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques, avec Yves Zenou, IUI, pp 1-15.

Wasmer, E. (2003) Inciter à la reprise d'activité, pp. 126-218, in Des Idées pour la Croissance, Economica and Michel Didier, Rexecode, eds.

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Nature Sc. Data, June 2022