Donate to Cypress Hills Grasslands PPC EDA

Donations to the Cypress Hills Grasslands EDA will promote the People's Party of Canada in the riding. The more we have to work with, the more we can tell people about the principled party this nation needs.

Your donation is greatly needed and will make a BIG difference.

Cheques can be addressed to "Cypress Hills Grasslands EDA" and mailed to or dropped off at, the following address: 69 4th Ave NE Swift Current, SK S9H 2J1. Donations can also be made by e-transfer to

Please also consider volunteering. Campaigns are won and lost by the willingness of everyday Canadians to distribute literature, make phone calls, drive people to the phone booth, and the like. Just think how chafed you would be if we fell a handful of votes short--votes you could have turned. Our political opponents have a well-oiled, well-funded machine, so we need everyone who wants us to win to do and to give all they can. Political donations can be up to $1,600 per year to a specific EDA (ours--hint, hint) and $1,600 to the party.