Lee Harding

Cypress Hills - Grasslands

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is pleased to announce Lee Harding as their federal candidate in the constituency of Cypress Hills – Grasslands.

“Southwest Saskatchewan has always been home,” Harding says. “The people here are the best around and I am proud to be one of them. I would be even more glad to represent them in Ottawa.”

Harding grew up near Lafleche, Saskatchewan before spending four years at Briercrest College in Caronport. He worked in the ag industry in Assiniboia from 1997-2001. Thereafter, he earned a journalism degree and was a reporter for CBC, CTV, and Global. As Saskatchewan Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), he successfully lobbied for lower personal, business, and school property taxes. In 2010, he was Parliamentary Assistant to David Anderson, who has been the MP for Cypress Hills – Grasslands for the past 19 years. From 2011 to 2017 was a representative for the CTF to renew annual support from farmers and business people across the province.

“Not only have I taken most of the highways in the constituency, I’ve taken most of the back roads too,” Harding says. “Having talked politics with so many for so long, I have a good idea what matters to them.”

In 2016, Harding earned his Master of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. He became Research Fellow for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, but stepped down from the non-partisan think tank to run for office. The father of two currently resides in Swift Current.

“The Trudeau Liberals mire Canada in political correctness and reckless spending. The People’s Party is the antidote,” Harding says. “Maxime Bernier has a plan to balance the budget in two years. He would fix equalization so Quebec doesn’t get $13 billion every year. He wants handouts to corporations stopped. He will allow Canadians to earn $15,000 tax-free and also end capital gains taxes. He will even revoke Bill C-16 so that Canadians won’t face legal sanctions for calling a transgendered person by the wrong pronoun. I am in full support of these proposals, but Andrew Scheer won’t go there.”

In the 2015 election, Conservative David Anderson won with 69 percent of the vote. Liberal Marvin Wiens got 15 percent, and NDP Trevor Peterson got 13.

“No one has to worry about splitting the vote in Cypress Hills – Grasslands,” Harding says. “They only have to ask themselves what leader, what platform, and what candidate would best serve them. I look forward to hearing from constituents about their concerns and explaining how the PPC will handle those issues.”

People’s Party of Canada Leader, Maxime Bernier

“I will be Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare!”

“If we want conservative principles to win, we have to defend them openly, with passion and conviction.”

“We will use section 92(10) of the Canadian Constitution to impose pipelines if necessary, because these projects are in the national interest. The time to move forward has arrived, and the People’s Party of Canada will fight for this.”

More from the PPC Platform

  • Lower taxes (earn $15,000 tax free, fewer brackets)
  • Repeal carbon tax
  • Abolish Capital Gains Tax
  • Better immigration policy (reduce, prioritize Canada’s needs)
  • Make equalization fair (not $13B every year to Quebec!)
  • Stop taxpayer handouts to corporations
  • De-fund the CBC
  • Reduce foreign aid
  • Abolish supply management
  • Respect Firearms Owners
  • Repeal Bill C-16 (transgender) and Motion-103 (Islamophobia)
  • Enable provinces to fix health care
  • Abolish interprovincial trade barriers
  • Pull out of UN Global Compact on Migration
  • Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord
  • Foreign policy focused on security and prosperity
  • Balanced budget in two years