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  • U.S. lobby puts Trudeau in power. The Tides Foundation says it took 25 seats from Harper Conservatives in 2015 election. Leadnow had paid staff and 130 volunteers in one Winnipeg riding, helping topple the Conservative incumbent by just 61 votes.

  • Canada can't build pipelines (April 16, 2018). The Rockefeller Brothers Fund launched a campaign in 2008 to stop the Alberta oil sands and Canadian pipelines. The Trudeau government banned Northern Gateway, while heavy regulations forced a stop to others. The cost to the Canadian economy is $15.6b a year.

  • Trudeau spy bill C-59 (Mar 22, 2018). Trudeau promised to rescind Harper's C-51 but then put it on steroids. U of T academics lament, "From mass dissemination of false information, to impersonation, leaking foreign documents in order to influence political and legal outcomes, disabling account or network access, large-scale denial of service attacks, and interference with the electricity grid, the possibilities for the types of activities contemplated in (Bill C-59) are limited only by the imagination”.

  • More rights, less freedom (March 5, 2018). Gender pronouns required by Bill C-16. Others must endorse abortion to get summer jobs funding.

  • Tax Dollars to Bombardier. The Quebec aerospace company received $2 billion in government help from 2006-2015, yet lost $5.34B in 2015 and $981M in 2016. In 2016, six directors of the company voted themselves $43M CDN) in bonuses. Bombardier operates in 29 countries and cut 14,500 Canadian jobs in 2015 and 2016 to hire workers in Mexico and China. Since Trudeau took power, the Quebec aerospace company received a $372 million federal interest-free loan, plus a billion dollars of equity to build its C-series jets. In 2016, six directors of the company voted themselves $43M CDN) in bonuses, a company which faced bribery scandals in South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Azerbaijan. Patrick Pichette sits on the board both of Bombardier and the Trudeau Foundation. 40 of 108 Trudeau Foundation donors are lobbying the federal government. Gov't help was so generous that the U.S. imposed tariffs,... so Bombardier GAVE the majority share of the C-series jet to U.S.-based Airbus!

  • Federal Superclusterf*ck. (Winnipeg Free Press, Nov 3, 2017) A federal program throws $1b tax dollars at Canadian companies...except a company headquatered anywhere worldwide can participate and the intellectual property it creates can leave Canada!
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