Membership Report

posted Nov 13, 2017, 8:13 PM by Eason Tiney

As of Veterans Day 11 November 2017 we have exceed this year's Membership Target by 5 members.  Our Post will receive the Cardinal Award, The Dogwood Award, The Post Commander's Excellence Award, and the National Honor Award.  We have brought in 12 NEW members and obtained 6 from Hq Post.  Our Paid Roster has 84 and our Complete Roster has 95.  WELL DONE to all members.  6 members will receive the National Commanders Membership Certificate and 1 is receiving the National Commanders Membership Pin. 

Building a New Cyber Home

posted Jun 25, 2014, 5:48 PM by Eason Tiney   [ updated Mar 17, 2016, 1:18 PM ]

I have started to rebuild our Post website on Google-sites since it is free. It offer a bit more flexibility than our previous page. Please bear with me as I reconstruct our Cyber home.  I am hoping to have it up for July 1

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