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Dealings with the Dead

by Paschal Beverly Randolph (1861)

Free PDF

Trade Paperback, $8.99

The Chaldean Oracles, attributed to Zoroaster

W. Wynn Westcott's translation

Free PDF

Trade Paperback $5.31

Rose*Atalanta: Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier

+ Rosarium Philosophorum by Cyriacus Jacobus

Featuring a new English translation of Maier.

MOBI (Kindle), PDF $1.99

Trade Paperback, $8.99

777 - Vehicle Transference Sorcery

An original work of psychical research and theosophical practice by David Sallee II

Classics of Thelema

Selections from the Holy Books

TPB $3.50

Also coming this year:

Abbé Boullan (Dr. Johannes from Là-Bas): his life, his doctrine, and his magical practices.

by Joanny Bricaud, new English translation.

Phoenix, or the Artificial Memory, by Peter of Ravenna, a 1491 hit classic on the Art of Memory, in a new English translation.

On the Shadows of Ideas by Giordano Bruno, like Phoenix but more intermediate, in a new English translation.

Annulus Platonis, or The Golden Chain of Homer by Anton Joseph Kirchweger, new English translation.

A True and Faithful Relation

Meric Casaubon's classic of Enochiana

MOBI (Kindle), PDF $1.99

Trade Paperback $8.99


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