Associate Professor of Finance


Scientia Fellow

School of Banking and Finance

UNSW Business School

UNSW, Australia

+65 2-9385-4900

Google Citations: 542

H-index: 11

Elvira is an Associate Professor of Finance and Scientia Fellow in the School of Banking and Finance, the University of New South Wales. My current main work tries to understand the role of and determinants of women participation in innovation. I am particularly interested in the international aspect of differences across countries and disciplines. Additional current and past work focuses on international finance and market microstructure.

Elvira was an Associate Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University from 2008-2016. She was a Marie Curie research fellow for the period 2009-2011 and a research fellow at the Duisenberg School of Finance from 2010-2014. Her work has been published in top finance and economics journals and has been presented at the AEA, AFA, WFA, EFA among many other conferences. Elvira has visited for extended periods Haas School of Business, Jones Graduate School of Business (Rice University), and the National University of Singapore.

She has a PhD from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

My research Video at Scientia Fellowship.

More detailed CV is availabe here: CV.

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