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 While going to College I worked the fast food. 

First Job was working for Wendy's on East Franklin Blvd, Gastonia  NC.  Fry cook, then Burger flipper and then running the register front and drive through.

Radio Shack during the Christmas season.

Richway in the Clothing Department.

Burger King in Belmont, NC... by the time I had left could run every part of the store. 

Bo-Jangles, another place I was able to run every position in the place.  From Biscuit maker to register.

Current Job (20+ years) 

Custom Industries Inc.

Textile equipment, machined parts and contract manufacturing.

Started as a electronics repair tech. assembly.

Moved to installation and some system design of automation systems and service of them.

With the slow down of the Textile industry, I have been doing a lot more work in the Machine shop, programming CNC machines.

Job skills:

Phone Technical support, Sales and service.

Trouble shooting electronic circuits

Field installation and service of Electronic, mechanical equipment and servicing of equipment in the field.

Programming PC controlled equipment.

Working with PLC's and single board computers.

Worked with basic,  C/C++, assembly languages.

Can read Electrical and mechanical schematics.

CAD work:



PCB board design 


Windows operating system (98, XP)

MS word, system networking, trouble shooting.

Linux operating system



Some of the systems I worked with:

Electrotex AG (now merge with Heberlein) Yarn detection and monitoring systems for quality control.  Over the years I did a lot of installation and sales for this product.  Also designed interface circuits to allow the units to work on the various textile machines.

Tecnorama located in Italy makers of Dye dispensing machines for lab and production.  We sold for a short time their Dosorama lab dye dispensing machine..  I was involved in the installation and service of the machines.

We have made a lot of custom system for some of our customers:

Laser Mark:  marking tubes with lot numbers using a laser, tubes move via a conveyor system to a marking station when the system will burn the lot number on the cones.

Custom length measuring systems for various textile winders- Model 50 winder and other older machines.

Modification of machines to increase quality or add a new feature to the machine.