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                US Patent No. 9,688,072 "Loudspeaker Rectification Method" - Available for license.
                This is an audio system diagnostics QC process ideal for "duplicated rooms" such as vehicles & cinemas. See more below or on the "News" page.

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Welcome. This little web site is simple, just to promote self & ideas.
Brief Intro: 
I specialize in audio technology consulting. I have worked around much of the globe in R&D & corporate management in Professional (Pro-Sound), Automotive OEM and Consumer Audio.
I remain very engaged with the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Standards:
 - Standards Committee Chair: SC04-03 Loudspeaker Measurement and Modeling
 - Technical  Committee Chair: TCLH = Technical Committee for Loudspeakers and Headphones.

Technical skills;
- well versed in acoustics, electro-mechanics, electronics.
- inventor and co-inventor on 16 issued U.S. patents to date (many more international patents, and a few more inventions in the pipeline)
- acoustics expertise with hands on experience:
  • Transducer design - from sub-components of motors, voice-coils, spiders, cones, surrounds etc. to completed woofers, mid-drivers,  tweeters, compression drivers, horns etc..
  • Audio system design (integration of loudspeakers, horns, crossovers,  enclosures, rooms or vehicles).
  • Audio system tuning ranging from automotive OEM to commercial sound systems in auditoriums.
  • Proprietary Audio Product Technologies - Portfolio for license (just ask):
    • Vehicle - Audio System Quality Verification: Ready for "The Internet of Things" cloud based diagnostics, calibration & warranty management. (Patent pending process).
    • Alternative topology loudspeakers
Vibration reduced woofers - minimizing panel vibrations. Very effective for vehicle doors & rear decks.
Look at the Equity Sound Investments - history page for some info on the BOND power cooled loudspeakers that were developed for pro-audio many years ago.
Last update June/2017

Seeking Licensing Partners:
Audio System Quality Verification (ASQV) - >> US Patent No. 9,688,072
- A Cloud Based or Embedded data analytics and test protocol to diagnose and if necessary, calibrate production vehicle audio systems.
- Not a system tuning tool but rather, it is a method to match production system performance with the original reference system on which they are based.
- ASQV can be used in B&A at end of line and by dealers to diagnose and trouble shoot audio systems.
- - - Value Proposition:
- ASQV is a protocol & method valued by QC, not system engineering per se.
- The Audio System Quality Verification method can virtually eliminate false warranty (NTF) claims reducing warranty costs (arguably, 50% to 80% of all audio system warranty costs)
- Side benefits:
 - - Potential to cost reduce transducers by opening tolerance for certain attributes for less eol rejects and, less sub-component rejects.
 - - improved customer satisfaction.



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