(Thursdays 18:30 - 19:45 at Hagukumi dojo, Mient. 277, Den Haag,
Friday mornings 08:00 - 09:00 at EPO, Patentlann. 2, Rijswijk):
More information: Contact Lawrence Warry (0624603343).

What is Aiki-Move & Stretch?
Aiki-Move & Stretch is an organic mind and body practice for the Aikidoka as much as the non-Aikidoka Aiki-Move & Stretch is a transformative practice to integrally
expand your dimensions of existence, using Aikido as a tool.
The vision of Aiki-Move & Stretch is thus to integrally expand
by intentionally ...

Deepening your awareness of inner and outer space.
Broadening your perception of the moment which is NOW.
Elevating your physical, mental and spiritual health.
Multiplying your possibilities of movement.

Aiki-Move & Stretch Philosophy
The intention of Aiki-Move & Stretch is to move freely
between the systems of dance, martial arts, health and wellbeing
without protest, taking all that is positive along its
way. It is dance, it is self-defence, it is traditional and nontraditional all at the same time! There is an on-going flow
between form and creativity within the practice. There will
be moments of abstraction and moments of being more

Aiki-Move & Stretch Goals
- Aiki-Move & Stretch exercises involve a number of
individual and partner exercises which:
- Confirm your connections to your inner self and to others.
- Authenticise your interactions and communication.
- Establish trust with yourself and with others.
- Allow you to objectively (without judgement) observe your
behaviour/actions and the behaviour/actions of others.

Aiki Move & Stretch Basic Class Structure
The class takes place in an ambience of a calm setting and,
different ambient background music.
1. Stretch & Breathe for Vitality
Energetic stretching and breathing (using exercises related to
chi gong, yoga and do-in exercises) in order to relax and
centre the individual.
2. Falling with Grace and Confidence
Rolls and Falling improve confidence as the individual learns
safely under expert guidance to trust themselves and others in
3. Notice your Steps
Various footwork and body movements, of varying levels of
intensity and speed, combining different step and turn
The key is to learn to use one's centre (in Japanese, called
"Hara"). The movement will allow you to enhance coordination
and spatial awareness.
4. Blend & Balance for Connectivity
To make a blending movement with a partner, one learns to
connect using the "Hara" principle mentioned above.
5. Empower & Relax
The class finishes with exercises that centre and relax, giving
vitality and life-force energy to the individual.