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Emily worked for several years as a professional editor at an indie press before deciding to go freelance. While editing both fiction and nonfiction (especially memoir), Emily employs a keen eye and a strong sense of story to help you get the most from your writing. 

Emily knows each author benefits from different kinds of help, and gives you options to suit your needs.

Most recently, Emily was the editor of HOOK, LINE, & SINKER: THE SEVENTH GUPPY ANTHOLOGY, published in January, 2023 by Wolf's Echo Press.

Here's what one of Emily's award-winning clients has said:

Emily, you are simply the best editor I've ever known--and I was once a book editor at a large publisher. You have an unerring eye for detail. (I'll clearly never get away with an inappropriate use of passive voice!) After writing short stories for such a long time, I was uncertain about trying a novel. Your edit caught everything that was niggling at me about my manuscript--and much more. Your suggestions for fixes are terrific, too. It makes me eager to get to my edit and dig in to make my manuscript sing!

C.W.--Fiction writer

Editing Packages

Content edit. A content edit would be defined as an evaluation of how the story is organized and presented, making sure that you're saying what you mean to say, in a clear and understandable way. I evaluate dialogue, look for cliches, continuity errors, repetition, sentence structure, voice, and word choice. For instance, in a content edit I might mention that your main character needs to have a stronger motivation for a certain action, or comment on a problem sentence or scene as it exists without suggesting alternative actions or scenes.

Developmental edit. A developmental edit looks at all the factors included in a content edit while also considering the story arc, subplots, characterization, pacing, and even plot problems. I offer specific recommendations to remedy the problems identified. Obviously, a developmental edit takes longer. When I do a developmental edit, I go through a story at least twice, often several times. That way I can evaluate the story on the first pass, and then the presentation and other details on subsequent passes. In a developmental edit, I would suggest specific changes you can make to communicate a character's motivation, or even suggest traits you might add to a character to make his or her actions more plausible. Also, in developmental editing, I would provide examples of how reorganizing a sentence or a scene might strengthen it. Any suggestions I make are, of course, yours to use, alter, or ignore, as you see fit. By the time I return your manuscript to you, you will know it has been read repeatedly with different critical aims in mind for each reading.

Copy edit. A copy edit focuses solely on grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice and other mechanics, and would not provide any feedback on content, story, characterization, or fact checking. When I copy edit, I refer both to The Copyeditor's Handbook, and the AP Stylebook. If they disagree, I give preference to The Copyeditor's Handbook because the AP Stylebook is geared toward journalism.

Comprehensive Edit Package: Most authors need all three of the above edits. With the Comprehensive Edit Package, you get all three at a discounted rate. To find out more about the cost for your work, contact Emily using the form provided.

Each edit requires the writer to send an MS Word document (.doc or .docx). When the edit is complete, I will return it with MS Word track changes, comments, and questions. You will get specific ideas about how to improve your manuscript. My goal is not only to help you smooth out your narrative and improve a passage, scene, or entire work, but to help you see new ways to view your work to help you become a better writer. You are, of course, free to incorporate any of my suggestions as your own work without attribution or royalty. 

Another satisfied customer:

Thanks so much, Emily

[I] reviewed the edits and find them fantastically thoughtful and instructive. Thanks for taking the time to explain your reasoning. . . .This was everything I had hoped for in an edit. I gained some really valuable insights into my story writing voice, into scene building, and into story continuity. . . . , and find that over time, I am gaining depth and clarity about how it is supposed to work. I don’t know how I could have done this without feedback.

J. W., Memoirist

For information about the cost of any of the above, please use the Contact Emily form.

Please be sure to include the type of edit requested, the genre and word count of the work to be edited, and the requested due date for completion of the edit.