Invitation to join the ECAN network

Emerald Compassionate Action Network (ECAN) is an outgrowth of an international methodology for creating a universal culture of peace — first at the global level, through the International Cities of Peace, and then at the national level, by establishing a cabinet-level position, the U.S. Department of Peace, in Washington. D.C. Ultimately, supportive entities would form at local levels, such as the Eugene City of Peace, which provides oversight to the Eugene Peace Team and the Emerald Compassionate Action Network.

Everyone has a deep need to contribute to the lives of others. Sometimes we need a little nudge to act on that inner impulse. This is your invitation to both give and receive those nudges!

What is the innovation that Emerald Compassionate Action Network, Inc. (ECAN) seeks to provide?

Creation of a sustainable networking platform that facilitates 

  • collaboration on social service projects
  • among partner organizations and individuals. 


  • began in 2016 with a 5-hour educational event for 126 people representing 53 faith communities that are concerned with unhoused populations,
  • and donations of $2,372,
  • to be followed in 2017 with 
    • several, shorter follow-up events that facilitate partnership formation,
    • publication of a searchable directory of engaged organizations,
    • research and development of additional collaboration tool platforms,
  • and a September convocation of the business community who are also concerned with the unhoused population.
  • Continuing in 2018 and ensuing years to 
    • include additional communities of 
      • non-profits, 
      • government agencies,
      • and citizen volunteers,
    • as well as expanding focus onto a broader spectrum of social justice issues,
    • culminating in a culture of mutual respect, curiosity and trust that will be characterized by ownership of goals belonging to all members of the community network as a team (i.e. “beloved community”). 

What are the intended activities of ECAN?

  • Outreach via personal contact and public media to organizations and individuals on the topics of networking, human security, prosperity and quality of life.
  • Implementation of live events, web pages, newsletter and other media that build trust in collaborative relationships.
  • Measure and report the extent of current collaborative efforts and trends.
  • Celebrate successful collaborations
  • Research barriers to and best practices for organizational collaboration
  • Research and develop an index of social progress indicators that is updated every two years to show trends.
  • Provide clearinghouse information for individuals and partners seeking collaboration
  • Develop and provide education on the definitions of collaboration, empathy, security, prosperity and quality of life.

Please sign up here for the periodic newsletter. Your primary responsibility when you sign up is to "give a nudge" occasionally by reporting your random and organized acts of kindness, OK? Thank you!

Sometimes people want to give us a donation.

"A vision is a compass. It’s an ideal. It’s vision. Then there’s life: messy, imperfect, resource-constrained, ego-filled. Life as a human being is about moving between these two worlds – the ideal that we hold and are –within, and the messiness of the world.

That’s why a vision serves as a compass, a guiding light – not as a plan to execute.

What matters is that we are moving toward our vision. That we have stepped fully onto the road of pursuing the dream. That we allow our dreams to be a guiding force in our lives.

Calm, trusting, dedicated action taken from that place will pull us closer to the vision." 

---- Tara Sophia Mohr