emBRACE Handbook

This online Handbook contains the collected key outputs of the emBRACE Project (see Introduction). They reflect the development of ideas over the four year period of the project and have not been edited post hoc. The Handbook is an interim collection prior to the publication by Wiley of a fully revised and reviewed, edited book of the emBRACE scientific outputs: Framing Community Disaster Resilience: resources, capacities, learning and action (Deeming, Fordham, Kuhlicke and Kunath, expected publication 2016).

This online handbook is organized under six headings:

  • Introduction

  • Concepts

  • Methods

  • Case Studies

  • Reaching Out

  • Resources

Each section has a brief introduction followed by a summary of the individual output and a link to its location on the emBRACE Resilience Handbook website.

Go here for the complete emBRACE Resilience Handbook