Ellis-Davies lab personnel - list always current

Graham Ellis-Davies. He did his PhD at the University of Reading in the UK, and has been doing scientific research in the USA since 1985. Graham still does organic chemistry and recently has been learning far more about optics and transgenics than he ever thought possible.

Graham Ellis-Davies with the NMR

Ek Raj Thapaliya. He joined the lab in June 2017 after completing a PhD in chemistry at the University of Miami where he developed several photochemical probes. He is now using his skills to make novel caged drugs.

Matt Richers. He joined the lab in November 2014 after obtaining his PhD in organic chemistry from Rutgers University where he developed new synthetic methods. He is using these skills to synthesize new caging chromophores and optical switches.

Stefan Passlick. He joined the lab in October 2014 after graduating summa cum laude from the Institute of Cellular Neurosciences at the University of Bonn where he studied the physiology of NG2 cells. He is interested in using two-color uncaging to understand GABAergic control of dendritic excitability.

Recent alumni.

Pradeep Chauhan. He joined the lab in August 2016 after postdoc at the ASU Biodesign Institute and a PhD in natural product total synthesis for Steven Weinreb at Penn State. He developed new caged cloaked compounds.

Adriana Petriz Reyes. She joined the lab in June 2016 after completing a PhD in neuroscience at the Instituto de Neurobiologia at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She decided to return home after exactly one year in New York City.

Joe Amatrudo. He joined the lab in February 2013 after completing a PhD in neuroscience at Boston University. He left the lab and took at job with Scientifica having established wavelength-selective two-photon uncaging of GABA. 

Hitesh Agarwal. He joined the lab in December 2012 after a postdoc at Ohio State University and a PhD at University of Rhode Island in medicinal chemistry. Hitesh developed a new caging chromophore for the control of calcium signaling. He became an assistant professor at Southern University in April 2016.

Jeremy Olson. He joined the lab in January 2012 after a postdoc at RTI International (Research Triangle Park, NC) and a PhD at SUNY Buffalo. Jeremy developed a new caging chromophore, DEAC450, resulting in five papers. He became an assistant professor Judson College in August 2014.

Sarah Crowe. She received her PhD in May 2013 having published 4 first author papers using imaging techniques to study familial Alzheimer's disease. She took a postdoc in the Dept of Biology at Drexel University.

Jonathan Wachtel. He joined the lab in December 2011 after completing a BS in Neuroscience at Oberlin College. Jonathan used 2-photon microscopy to study synaptic plasticity in vivo. In August 2013 he became a medical student at Stonybrook.

Atsuya Momotake (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba), Srinivas Kantevari (Group leader, IICT, Hyderabad) Lesya Fedoryak (University of Kiev), Yossi Buskila (University of Sydney), Mike Van Linn (DEA, Washington DC) are also alumni of the lab.