Ellis-Davies lab links

If you are still looking for Nature's web page, you won't find it here...

clinelab.cshl.edu/methods.html - Cline lab methods/image plugins
abegg-stiftung.ch - great textiles
museum-gestaltung.ch - great posters
kmm.nl - great paintings
quad-hifi.co.uk - "the closest approach to the original sound"
www.kb.nl - Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag
hyphenpress.co.uk - design & architecture books
www.010publishers.nl - ditto
pbs.org/wgbh/evolution - take that you crazy creationists
ocw.mit.edu - MIT open course
www.bbr.com - the oldest wine shop in London
synapses.clm.utexas.edu - Kristen Harris
www.ndt.nl - nederlands dans theater
www.loci.wisc.edu/instrumentation - John White software
olympusmicro.com - all about microscopy, great applets!
venduehuis.nl - old Dutch auction house
rippon-boswell-wiesbaden.de - "only" carpets at this auction house
homepage.mac.com/Macinchem - guess?
www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron - so you want to simulate neurons?
therme-vals.ch - only in switzerland
rarewinecompany - tell Mark I sent you
whittingtonpress.com - finest UK private press now
research.janelia.org/Svoboda/ - scanimage
klingspor-museum.de - museum of C20th printing
barnesfoundation.org - "reopened"
www.filmref.com/siteinfo.html - film reference
www.dotcomme.net - yes I know...
momu - bet you didn't know Antwerp was so cool? 
www.conditorei-cafe-schober.ch - muesli supreme
tour d'argent - the view, the wine, the duck
Vevey art - lovely museum on the gold coast
miniscope.org - UCLA miniscope... not $150k! 
gorillabicycles.com - I want to ride
gantenbein wine - I want to go
moevenpick-wein-bar- stuck for wine in Zurich no longer
kleines-cafe wien - better than the famous
plantinmoretus museum - printing museum in Antwerp
www.rarewineco.com - tell Mark I sent you 
MSSM Dept of Neuroscience