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Life hundred years from now...

In a future where the economy depends on 3D printers, recycling, and a platform called Repository, a girl's investigation about the disappearance of homeless people and migrants not only threatens her life, but the existence of her society.

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The 13th Series tells the story of twelve dimensions that are connected through the 13th world. Every dimension has a Soul Reaper, a person with supernatural abilities, with which they ease spirits’ passage into the 13th world. Sometimes they use those powers to fight Soul Eaters, corrupted spirits, and every once in while they have to use their powers to fight corrupted officials.

The 13th Series includes: The 13th: Ineluctable Fate  (short story), For Your Entertainment (Destiny Awaits ~ short side story), The 13th: Destiny Awaits , The 13th: Frozen Destiny (short story) and Feeble Destiny.



Moon's Reflection Series tells stories about Lueeshareteers (Bloodeaters), powerful creatures old as time itself, who split into three clans live in seeming peace and rule the world from shadows.



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