Winter Photo Gallery

Winter operations includes steam at least once every month plus lots of snowplowing with the wedge plow or the Russell. We usually snow plow within two days after each storm.  Check Home Page or Facebook for winter schedule.  All winter activities are subject to Mother Nature's approval.

Bob with 724 and typical winter passenger train

Doug plowing snow at Bedford Falls.
 You Tube videos (E J & K Train Farm) show several snow plowing activities

724 is our winter workhorse, operating at least once every month

The NYC Geeps from Rail Systems have been a great addition to the snow plowing motive power

        One of the Geeps with a regular train after the plows have completed
'       their assignment.

Double slips require a lot of cleaning
to get them to be fully functional.

March, 2014 marks 14 years of operating steam at
least one day every month.  Winter steam is the best
Snow, steam, and sun make for a perfect winter day. Winter is the
perfect time for steam operations.

Great way to start 2014 even though temperature was
3 degrees with 15 mph wind.

2013 started with a nicely plowed mainline
with drifts up to 18 inches in some locations.

Jan. 5, 2013. Holly supervises 724 and the wedge plow
opening Tracks 2 and 3 at Ames Yard.
12/12/12 and no snow.  Ground is very dry and water buckets in
gondola are for possible fire protection.

Jonathan with 724 leaving California Jct. Deep snow was common in 
2010-11 winter

Deep snow at Yonder extended for more than 250 feet in 2011.  Current
mileposts have been rearranged, so you will be confused if you try
to figure out where this picture was taken by looking at mileposts on 
current layout.

Snow plowing is very realistic and usually fun.

Sometimes it is very realistic and not fun.