This is a model railroad that is designed, built, and maintained by amateurs. There are no standards for construction or safe operations. Steam operations emit smoke that can be carcinogenic. Oil and grease is also present on the railroad and may be on some of the riding cars. No hand sanitizers are available. The cars, tracks, and switches may cause injury if you fall. Be careful while walking near the tracks. Children who run around risk injury if they fall on the track, switches, or cars.

The grounds are not maintained well and the area has many chemical and physical hazards associated with rural modern intensive agricultural farm operations. Hazards are not identified. There is a factory hog farm approximately 3/4 mile away that occasionally emits foul odors that may stress some people. The creek is highly polluted and contact with the water may cause serious skin burns or other skin reactions. Farm chemicals from neighboring farms may drift and cause allergic reaction. It is just rural Iowa.

There is the possibility that you may be injured while riding the trains or walking on the grounds. Please stay seated on the trains until they come to a complete stop. Walk only in the mowed areas and be careful for snake holes, sink holes, or other tripping hazards. When near a steam locomotive or riding on a steam locomotive, there is a possibility that a cinder may enter your eye. Eyeglasses or safety eye wear is required to ride a steam locomotive and must be provided by the visitor. Goggles or glasses are not provided by the locomotive owner or host.

The road to the farm is a rural county gravel road that is not maintained to urban standards. High speed driving is not recommended and extreme caution is needed when the road is muddy, snowy, or icy as you may become stuck or leave the roadway surface. Hunters frequently drive at high speeds on the roads and may not pay attention to other vehicles. Gunfire is often heard during hunting seasons and neighbors often are shooting for target practice at other times of the year. You will be required to wear a safety vest during intensive hunting periods.

There are large insect populations that may sting if you interrupt their activities. Animals that do not run from you probably have rabies and you should avoid contact with them. Stay out of the prairie areas and the neighbor's farm fields.

No one is trained in first aid or emergency medical procedures. First responders take approximately 20 minutes to get to the farm. The nearest hospital is approximately 20 minutes away. People with medical conditions that require immediate attention will have at least a 40 minute wait for advanced medical treatment.

All the stuff above is just to warn you that you will be in rural Iowa, but the trains are lots of fun.