Timetable Operation

Timetable operation is bi-directional train operation between East Joliet and Emery.  Passenger trains are scheduled Emery and Bedford Falls and freight trains are run as extras.

Freight trains are either through freights between Poland and East Joliet which only stop at Ames to set out and pick up cars, or a local freight from Ames to Cal. Jct.  Freight trains are made up using a card system for destinations. A dispatcher controls all train movements.  Radios are used for communication.

Timetable operations are planned for 2014 when we finish constructing the turntable in Poland. There will be four tracks with a turntable and will allow the turning of locomotives to facilitate point to point operation.  Check the home page for progress on the construction project. We have no goals, but might have the construction done by the end of fall, 2013.