Welcome to Iowa's largest 1 1/2" scale railway

EJ&K Mission Statement:

Maximizing Inefficiency Through Unnecessary Complexity

The EJ&K Ry is a 1/8 scale model railroad in Boone, IA designed for live steamers, railroad employees, and model railroaders. It is not an amusement park open to the general public. We are usually open for visitors on Sundays, but we can also accommodate visitors on Saturdays and some weekdays with advance notice. Maintenance of facilities, grounds, and equipment is done by amateurs to rural residential standards. Visitors assume risk of injury.

Videos of operations on are YouTube: Search - EJ&K Train Farm.

2023 Schedule

The FMRA (Federal Model Railroad Administration) has issued a probationary warning to the EJ&K Ry that there have been an inadequate number of steam operation days and diesel operation days in 2022. Consequently, management has decided to have several Sundays where steam will be operating and where diesel trains will be available. Diesel train options are 1) East Joliet to West Jackson through freight trains; 2) way freights; 3) Mail and Express trains; 4) Maintenance of Way train working on track projects. Number of trains operating will depend on the number of people who show up to play.

Schedule is always subject to Mother Nature's approval. All sessions start at about noon and are finished about 4:00pm. Maintenance of Way operates from 1000am to 200pm.

Sunday 1/1/23: Annual New Year Day run. 1000am to 400pm. It is a Fibonacci day,. Visitors should wear proper mathematical protective clothing.

Thursday 2/2/23: February run subject to Mother Nature's approval.

Thursday 3/2/23: March Run day and 20th anniversary of continuous steam. It is a Palindrome Day and subject to Mother Nature's approval. Mathematical protective clothing recommended.

Saturday 4/1/23: April Run day subject to Mother Nature's approval.

Any questions, call me at 515-231-1370 or email: bob@bournetransit.com

Ray and Julie replaced ties on over 900 feet of mainline track. The goal is to replace every fourth tie on the mainline with next four years. It is back breaking, knee throbbing work. Anyone who needs a good stretching workout is welcome to assist.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will monitor their behavior and be responsible for their safety.

Read the most recent updates about the farm on Mother Nature's Blog.

19 years of consecutive monthly steam was completed on March 20, 2022

Roundhouse construction is progressing well.

NYC 5343 operates from May to October. It is at Godshall Engineering for renewal of running gear and will be back in service by summer, 2023.

EJ&E wheel car 22 was our 2022 car construction project. Note progress on roundhouse.

We try to model realistic derailments as well as realistic operations

I was talking to Garrison Keillor and he mentioned that

his father was an RPO mail clerk on the Great Northern

working out of Minneapolis.

Builder's Photo: Bob built the car and Bob painted it.

This is the water car to give the Hudson additional

water tank capacity.

Air hose project took 23 years and 15 minutes to complete

October, 2016 at Valley City before the VC Industrial Park opened

Bob at MP 68 with his IC Geep

CGW 85 has been a regular winter locomotive and has been refurbished, ready to run many miles in 2023.

Frequent log trains all year. After taking down many invasive Siberian elms and creating a savannah, we have a lot of freight to move. If you want some good firewood come out and take it away.

The Roundabout passenger cars have been restored and will be the primary passenger carrying cars

The Geeps were out late at night on May 5 with a full moon