Welcome to the E J & K Railway!

The E. J. & K. Railway is a 1/8th scale model railroad located in rural Boone County, Iowa. The railroad consists of approximately 9,100 feet of 7 1/2" gauge railroad track. Construction started in 1990 and will be completed sometime before 2050.
  We have operated steam service continuously at least once a month since March, 2003.   Model railroaders, neighbors, and live steamers are always welcome. It is NOT open to the general public.  Call 515-232-7740 for directions.

All steam operations are subject to Mother Nature's approval. No operations during severe weather conditions.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

Check the Facebook page "E J & K Railway"  for latest update. Additional days will be posted on Facebook

There will be no formal "run days" this year.  If enough people show up to have an operating sessions and if someone wants to be the dispatcher, we will use timetable and card system.

Tentative 2017 Schedule

April Schedule:  We have tree cutters coming Apr 10 to 12 and there will be a lot of debris to clean up afterwards.  We also need to burn part of the prairie and that will happen on a nice Saturday or Sunday in April with low wind.  Steam day will occur some time after April 12.

Sundays in May: We will make an attempt to operate steam every Sunday in May.  Bring your locomotive to celebrate spring in Boone County.

July 11:  Palindrome Day 7-1-17.  Steam from 7:11:17am until too tired to move.
July 24:  724 Steam Day (31st birthday party)
Aug. 4:  8417 Day  (Tom Bourne's 100 birthday)

Timetable days will be announced here or on Facebook 

If you are coming a long distance, call 515-232-7740 or

send an e-mail to bob @ bournetransit.com.  

Read the most recent updates about the farm on Mother Nature's Blog.

To prevent eye injury, any child who wants to ride a steam locomotive  must wear some kind of eye protection, either regular glasses or safety goggles.

We try to model realistic derailments as well as realistic operations

Builder's Photo: Bob built the car and Bob painted it.
This is the water car to give the Hudson additional 
water tank capacity.

Congestion was common during the timetable operation
typical of prototype railroads, hurry up and wait.

October, 2016

A perfect day for steam - 28 degrees and sunny
January 5, 2016

CGW 85 has been a frequent winter locomotive.

It took a little over three years to build 724 (finished in 1986) and she still can still look pretty. However. she is showing her age.  Like her owner, her cab is sagging, she emits unexpected odors, leaks occasionally, takes longer to get fired up, likes short trains and short days; but, can still get up a full head of steam, can get around the railroad, and usually stays on track.

The Geeps were out late at night on May 5 with a full moon

5343 has been returned with a new boiler and several other improvements.

I was talking to Garrison Keillor and he mentioned that
his father was an RPO mail clerk on the Great Northern
working out of Minneapolis.

Jonathan passed Milepost 67  and also qualified on 
NYC 5343.

Berne passed Milepost 75 with CGW 319

Air hose project took 23 years and 15 minutes to complete

Bob at MP 68 with his IC Geep