Brief Trance

Following is a brief trance script,

read along and experience the relaxation for yourself!

Take a moment now, and bring your awareness to your body; how it's holding your posture, whether sitting or lying down, and notice how comfortable you are at this moment. Invite yourself to become more comfortable now, to adjust whatever wants adjusting, in your muscles or the way you're holding your shoulders and spine, to be as comfortable as you'd like right now. Imagine yourself in a peaceful setting; perhaps strolling along a lush, green garden path, or something especially enjoyable to you, and allow the scene to fill your mind. As you imagine this peaceful scene, and you in the this peaceful place, gently bring your awareness to your breathing. Allow your body to rest, and be as relaxed as you would like, imagining it becoming more and more relaxed with each breath, with each step, following the in and out of the natural rhythm. Feel your body expand as it draws in cool, fresh, clean air. Notice it as it moves, in through your nose, down into your belly. Observe how it fills the inside of you. Imagine it bringing renewed vision, hope, inspiration, and energy. Focus on the rhythm of the flow of the breath,

how the body naturally relaxes into the motion of exhale, and release. Become aware of areas of tension or discomfort. Imagine yourself becoming less interested in these, less and less focused on them, imagine them becoming less and less interesting, less and less present, more and more able to be set aside. Allow the breathing to release tension, ease discomfort, increase peace. Allow this new vision to stimulate friendliness, and possibility in your life. Why not?!