About Me

I'm a practitioner of wellness-based health models to increase success, joy, health and peace. These models include business and personal coaching, wellness counseling, wellness-based clinical hypnotherapy, and transformative mediation.

My passions are awareness and connection. Awareness of the rich quality of the moment through presence, and connection through empathy and compassion to ourselves and others. This kind of connection, in conjunction with mindful awareness, is a powerful access point for peace - in the body and mind, stimulating forward movement and ultimate success in any endeavor. What are your passions? Why wait another minute to start living from your center; to actualize your dreams?

I learned very early about the mind/body connection from my father, who lived a charmed and healthy, yet very simple life. He taught me well that when the mind is gently disciplined and focused, one can easily access health and peace. He also taught that when the body is in a state of dis-ease, it can be brought to health through natural, friendly means. He taught me the most important lesson of my life - that peace in the heart fosters peace in the world.

I have two beautiful, grown children who teach me almost every lesson I need to learn! Watching them grow and seeing them flourish is such a delight. When not working at what I love, I'm playing outdoors in the great state of Maine; doing things like sailing, hiking, biking, kayaking, skating and skiing. I also have a mindfulness-based meditation practice, and I drum with a local drum circle.

Check out my resume for more details about my education and training.