I teach a variety of courses about rhetoric, argument, and persuasion. At UNLV, I designed, developed, and executed three original courses, COM 418: Rhetoric of Science, HON 410: Public Controversies, and COM 441: Environmental Justice. 

I also work closely with The Faculty Center and The Intersection at UNLV to lead workshops and trainings about creating inclusive and participatory classroom environments.

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Teaching Resources

Feel free to download and modify the syllabi, rubrics, and teaching tools below

Rhetoric of Science (COM 418)


Creative Assignments Rubric

Principles of Persuasion (COM 404)


Interpersonal Journal Rubric

Rhetorical Criticism (COM 408)


Mini-Criticism Rubric

Rhetorical Tradition (COM 409)


Dialogue Skit Rubric

Rhetoric of Dissent - Environmental Justice (COM 441)


Infographic Profiles Rubric

Antiracist and Inclusive Course Design

I have been involved in scholarship of teaching and workshops around building inclusive classroom environments and embodying antiracist content, assignments, and policies. Below is a link to a teaching resource and a video of a virtual workshop I lead on this topic for UNLV's The Intersection on 10/7/2020.

Antiracist and Inclusive Classrooms handout

Best Teaching Practices Expo

I am a regular participant at UNLV's Best Practices Teaching Expo, which shares best practices for teaching and learning. You can find links to the digital archives of these presentations below.

Socrative Student and Real-Time Assessment

Creative Assignments for Real-World Course Application

Working Groups as Classroom Management Style