• C. Yang. CoMM: a collaborative mixed model to dissecting genetic contributions to complex traits by leveraging regulatory information. Distinguished lecture session Recent Advances in Statistical Genetics, IMS-APRM, June, 26, 2018. [link]


  • C. Yang. Adaptive False Discovery Rate Regression With Application In Integrative Analysis of Large-Scale Genomic Data. 2017 IASC-ARS/NZSA Conference, 10-14 December, Auckland.
  • C. Yang. Recent Advances in Statistical Genomics. 2017 IMS China, International Conference on Statistics and Probability. Nanning, Guangxi, June 29 – July 1, 2017.
  • C. Yang. IMAC: A Statistical Framework for Integrating Multiple Annotations to Characterize Functional Roles. 2017 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium in Chicago. June 25–June 28, 2017.


  • C. Yang. EM meets Boosting in big genomic data analysis. Invited talk at Xi’an JiaoTong University, Xi’an, Dec., 27. 2016.
  • C. Yang. A Unified Statistical Framework for Exploring the Genetic Architecture of Human Complex Phenotypes Using Summary Statistics. Invited talk at Department of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, Sept. 23, 2016.
  • C. Yang. A statistical approach to colocalizing risk variants in multiple GWAS. Invited talk at The 4th Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meeting. June 29, 2016.


  • C. Yang. Pervasive pleiotropy between psychiatric disorders and immune disorders revealed by integrative analysis of multiple GWAS. Invited talk at The Centre for Genomic Sciences of Hong Kong University, July 17, 2015.
  • C. Yang. IPAC: a flexible statistical approach to integrating pleiotropy and annotation for characterizing functional roles of genetic variants that underlie human complex phenotypes. Invited talk at TheWorkshop on Youth Statistician. Forum at PolyU. June, 26, 2015.
  • Can Yang. GPA: A Statistical Approach to Prioritizing GWAS Results by Integrating Pleiotropy and Annotation. (Invited talk at Statistics and Computational Interface to Big Data, Jan. 10, 2015)






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