Our projects

This page provides a record of our ground-up efforts.

Thematic tweets project

In the first three months of 2015, five #edsg members will participate in a Twitter experiment.

Update: We are extending the experiment for three more months.

Each of us will share resources on an educational topic on a particular week day:
  • Monday: @Genevieve_ELIS on writing (January-March, July-September 2015)
  • Monday: @jmcatcat on mentoring teachers from (April-June 2015)
  • Tuesday: @engrg1 on computational thinking (January-June 2015)
  • Wednesday: @hsiao_yun on assessment (January-June 2015)
  • Thursday: @lefouque on identity formation
  • Friday: @ashley shares educational news digests (January-September 2015)
These are not separate chats from our fortnightly ones on Sundays, 9-10pm, SGT. However, chats might result from the sharing of the resources that seed discussion.

Why do this at all?

#edsg hit the three year-old mark in February 2015. Over that time, we have seen our online community grow, change, and experiment. 

We have done weekly synchronous chats on voted topics, organic weekly chats, rotation curation, and general PLN support. We thought it was time to create greater ownership of subtopics, and draw lurkers and newbies to participate in a meaningful manner.

If we succeed, we breathe new life into #edsg. If we fail, we learn from the process.

Joint project with Creative Commons, Singapore

Courtesy of @artistivanchew.

Volunteers from CC-SG and #edsg are collaborating to organize a free seminar on Creative Commons.

Event: Creative Commons (CC) in Singapore: Awareness, Value, Utility

Format: Seminar and networking

Target audience: 50 educators, paraeducators, and support staff who wish to use and create resources under CC

Cost: None ($0)

Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library, Block 1 (Mural Area) [map]

Date: Fri, 29 May 2015

Time: 3.00-5.00pm (one hour seminar, one hour networking)








Basic IP

Introduction to CC

CC-SG: Structure and activities


Ivan Chew



Finding CC resources

Using and attributing CC resources

Providing CC resources


Chan Hsiao-yun

Wee Loo Kang



Panel to initially discuss a CC issue

Address questions and comments from audience

Lam Chung Nian (Lawyer)

Sivasothi (Academic)

Ashley Tan (Ed Consultant)


Networking: Informal and self-organizing discussions among participants

All participants

Sign up

Administrators' access to Google Spreadsheet for sign-ups.


1. Ivan's presentation [link]

Embed gadget

2. Hsiao-yun's and Loo Kang's presentation [link]

An event report is available here.