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English <-> Portuguese software translations

I've started making software translations in 2008. Given my software engineering background and a whole life dealing with almost every kind of software products, I believe I'm well aware of the jargon around them. I also consider my native language skills to be elegant, and grammatically correct. All these help me translate a program for a full user enjoyable experience. Oh, and my background has led me to the development  of applications to many operating systems - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Handheld Devices, Web Sites, etc.

The following list shows the applications I've translated so far.

  • ecto - a desktop blogging tool for Mac OS X
  • Speed Download - Yazsoft's download manager for Mac OS X
If you find yourself wishing you could expand your user base to the portuguese community, don't hesitate - contact me, send a mail to edgar . goncalves AT gmail . com