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Born as an Ubiquity first contact for me, these commands are now outdated. Twitter interaction is no longer required. And buxfer's commands are to grow into more actions (e.g., spend, receive, loan, borrow and postpone-spend and postpone-receive). So for the updated commands head-over to the Ubiquity commands page and choose the new commands.

The remainder of the page stays here for historical reasons :)

These are two Ubiquity commands, for Firefox.

They allow to easily add a transaction in Buxfer, using its remote API. The name Twixfer comes from an alternative way to add it, by sending a message to Twitter (assuming you have an account), using only the Twitter API. The last method is there as historical reasons, and will remain there as an example, solely.


  • Buxfer account
  • Twitter account (for twixfer only, since buxfer-send won't need it)
  • For twixfer only, 'bux' needs to be added to your followees list in Twitter (see Buxfer instructions on their settings page for details).
  • Ubiquity, of course...


  • <Ubiquity prompt launcher>buxfer-send AMOUNT [in DESCRIPTION]<Return>
  • <Ubiquity prompt launcher>twixfer AMOUNT [in DESCRIPTION]<Return>

The files:


  • 2008.09.08 - Lots of refactoring and code cleaning. Buxfer API is now usable by asking Firefox for Buxfer's login data, or by directing the user to the login page before adding the transaction.
  • 2008.09.07 - Initial version. Buxfer API asks for a clear password every time.