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Get it while it's fresh!

Binary download: MilkPack v. 0.7 alpha (ZIP, 13.3MB. Updated on January  31, 2010)
Source Code: (Git repository, development branch. Subscribe to its updates.)

About it...

This open source project targets the average Remember the Milk user that lives within Mac OSX. It allows simple task management on a familiar Cocoa interface. (It's still in alpha development state!)

From the developer standpoint, the code is written in Common Lisp (I used Clozure CL, former OpenMCL, to allow easy access to the Objective-C frameworks). It also uses my RTM Lisp API library to access the remote task management interface. While this is my first project in Cocoa, feel free to take ideas from the code, or to provide any feedback you want.

How do I start using it?

Fetch the latest released disk image, mount it, and drag MilkPack to some place you see fitting (e.g., the Applications folder). Then double-click on it. That was simple, right? Good.

On the screen-shot at the right you can see folders in several categories. These are made from Remember The Milk lists and smart-lists. Just prefix them with "p." for Projects, "@" for Next Actions, "*" for Buckets and they will appear properly grouped. Every other smart list will appear under a special group, and regular lists will appear under Main.

To add a task, you may use the new Smart Add syntax. Or you may just provide a description and press the Eye button (or Shift++D) to see the selected task's details, on a nice HUD and change them there.

How do I get its source to compile and make my own MilkPack build?

So you've got to the point that you tried MilkPack, didn't like something, talked to me about it, got a less than satisfactory reply, got angry and thought "hey, i can do it better myself!". Don't worry, that's probably not that hard :). And it is also a good sign. Head over to the git repository and read the instructions there:

Has MilkPack got any long term plans?

In time I'd like to learn enough about Cocoa to produce a simple/fast interface for *every* Remember the Milk functionality supported by its API. I'd like to support some extra use cases, in particular full offline access to the entire application, and some Getting Things Done accelerators.

I like/hate MilkPack so much, I feel like helping. What can I do?

  • Collaborate, provide patches, talk to me about it. Every feedback is good!
  • Are you a design-oriented person? Great - I'm not! :) Contribute with icons, backgrounds, a logo, and every design and/or conceptual idea you have on your mind.
  • Promote this app on your circle of influence. The more people use it, the more MilkPack can learn and grow. (Help me help you!)
  • This application is going to stay free and open source. That said, I accept donations, specially if they include drinks and/or other sorts of social entertainment. But I'll also accept financial contributions, don't want to make anybody angry! :) Just use the Paypal donation button on the right, and decide how much you feel like offering. And thanks!