Who We Are

E-cubed’s roots began in 2002 when four homeschoolers and their parents wanted to develop group learning activities. As our members grew in age and number, so did their leadership responsibilities. Today, adult mentors Alison Snieckus, Barbara Rapaport and Karen Parisi work with teen leaders to create and implement group activities. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and hold diverse opinions in many areas, including education, politics, and religion.  E-cubed is an inclusive group where differences in lifestyle and philosophy are respected. 

When and Where We Meet

Wednesdays from 11a-2p at the Princeton Learning Cooperative which meets at All Saints’ Church, 16 All Saints Rd, Princeton, NJ.

What We Do

We provide opportunities for teens to engage in group projects and activities, and for teen families to network for learning, social, and support activities. In planning for each new year, we engage in a brainstorming/voting session where vested teens share their ideas about which projects and activities they would like to pursue in the upcoming months. Each activity has a designated teen leader (13 or older), who plans and runs the monthly activity sessions.

How Teens Can Join

Experience has shown that new members integrate into the group faster and more successfully when they attend regularly. E-cubed currently has a waiting list of teens who are interested in joining. Contact Barbara, Karen or Alison (see contact info below) if you would like to be added to the waiting list. Teens are invited to visit and join E-cubed as space becomes available. Once registered, teens are fully vested members with voting rights. The requirements for joining are:
  1. attend 3 times in 5 weeks–bring a parent or other supervising adult with you
  2. submit the registration form when you attend for the 4th time
  3. pay the $100 membership fee

How Parents and Families Fit In

Parents are asked to help at E-cubed sessions 3 to 4 times per year in one of two ways:
  1. Opening: The Opening parent arrives at 10:45 for set-up and remains on site until 1 pm to lend a helping hand as necessary.
  2. Closing: The Closing parent is on site from 1-3. Between 1 and 2, this parent lends a helping hand as necessary. Once the session’s activities are concluded, the closing parent provides general supervision from 2:15 until 3pm. Before leaving, this parent makes sure that the meeting space is in good order [table-tops are clean, tables and chairs are put away, no E-cubed stuff left behind] and that all youth members have left or have spoken with their parents.
The primary goal of E-cubed is to provide our teens with the time and space they need to develop their skills; consequently we usually ask other family members who wish to remain in the room to be quiet observers, rather than active participants. Parents may serve as resources or judges for particular activities or the audience for presentations; oftentimes parents find a space separate from our main room to network with each other or care for younger siblings.

PLC does have limited indoor space that you may use (if available) while waiting for your teen. The grounds of All Saints Church are also available for your enjoyment. For some families, the best choice is to drop your teen off so that s/he can enjoy teen time while the rest of the family enjoys a separate activity.

Weekly Wednesday sessions include

  • Planned activities for the whole group or interest-based subgroups
  • Lunch gathering (BYOL, unless scheduled potluck)
  • Free time for families to connect, share experiences, plan for shared outing or outside project

Activities for 2014-2015 

  • Sports and Games—meets second Wednesday of the month, led by Sasha

  • Art—meets third Wednesday of the month, led by Sasha

  • Skills—meets fourth Wednesday of the month, led by Erin

  • Field Trips—organized weekday and weekend trips, led by Matthias & Quentin

Other Leadership Positions

  • Webmaster, Matthias, maintains the schedule of events on the homepage and keeps the navigator organized; teen leaders are responsible for maintaining the website page corresponding to their activity
  • Photographer :Allie, photographs our E-cubed activities and maintains the Photos pages (one for each year) on our website; members are encouraged to share their E-cubed photos for display on the Photos page. Currently open.

Underlying Precepts

  • While all teens in the group make a concerted effort to attend group sessions regularly, we realize that distance and other commitments can be prohibitive, so we urge teens to attend on a schedule that meets their needs.
  • At all times we treat others in the group with respect and consideration.
  • We recognize that we are guests at All Saints’ Church. We treat items in the church with respect and we behave in the church so that we will continue to be welcomed.
  • Decisions that affect the whole group are made via consensus at a whole group meeting or via posting to the e_cubed yahoo group.
Members (both parents and youth) are encouraged to use the  e_cubed Yahoo group for e-mail correspondence between sessions. Adult members are asked to be particularly mindful of the multi-age nature of the group and to refrain from posting anything that other families might consider inappropriate. 
Families considering joining the group may contact 
Alison, alison dot snieckus at gmail dot com, or Barbara, barbara dot rapaport at gmail dot com, or Karen, ktparisi at gmail dot com.
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