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New working paper with Oana Borcan and Louis Putterman: "Transition to Agriculture and First State Presence: A Global Analysis" (Sep, 2018)

New popular article in online magazine Aeon based on my research on the rise of the mafia and the curse of natural resources (Sep, 2018)

My research on Roman roads will be presented at the ASSA Conference in Atlanta on Jan 4 in the session Economics with Ancient Data (Sep, 2018)

(Aug, 2018) 
Previous version (CEPRSwopec) also cited in The Times; Daily MailVoxThe NEP-HIS Blog; World Economic Forum; KRWG 

I start on a new position as Vice-Dean at the School of Business, Economics and Law (July, 2018)

New policy paper on future fiscal prospects of LNG production in Tanzania (Lokina, Olsson & Rose) (Feb, 2018) (link)

International media coverage for my article "Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons" (with Arcangelo Dimico and Alessia Isopi) Journal of Economic History 77(4) (Jan, 2018) (link) 

Extended State History Index, coding the state histories of countries 3500 BCE - 2000 CE (Borcan, Olsson & Putterman, JOEG) now available online (Nov, 2017)