Welcome to my personal website! 

Seminar talks during winter 2020-21:
* University of Verona ("Land Property Rights, Cadasters and Economic Growth", June 2021)
* Quantitative History Webinar, Hong Kong University ("Transition to Agriculture and First State Presence", April 2021)
* U Gothenburg, March 2021 ("A Climate Pulse Model of Long-Run Development") (slides) and April 2021 ("The Collapse of Maya Civilization")
* IFN ("Land Property Rights, Cadasters and Economic Growth", Feb 2021) (slides)
* ASSA (comment on "Millet, Rice and Isolation" by Kung et al, 2020, Jan 2021)
* Hamburg Lecture in Law and Economics ("Land Property Rights, Cadasters and Economic Growth", Nov, 2020)
* Brock University ("Pharaoh's Cage", Nov, 2020); 

New working paper: "Land Property Rights, Cadasters, and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Panel 1000-2015 CE" (with Michelle D'Arcy and Marina Nistotskaya) (March, 2021) 

Revised version of "The Origins of Cultural Divergence: Evidence from Vietnam" (with Hoang-Anh Ho and Peter Martinsson) (Jan, 2021)

"Fiscal Capacity in 'Post'-Conflict States: Evidence from Trade on Congo River" (with Maria Eriksson Baaz and Peter Martinsson) is published in Journal of Development Economics (Sep, 2020) 

Comment on "Finanspolitiska rådets rapport 2020" (May, 2020)

Revised working paper with Oana Borcan and Louis Putterman: "Transition to Agriculture and First State Presence: A Global Analysis" (April, 2020)

"A Western Reversal Since the Neolithic? The Long-Run Impact of Early Agriculture" (with Christopher Paik) is published in Journal of Economic History (March, 2020)

Revised version of "Roman Roads to Prosperity: Persistence and Non-Persistence of Public Goods Provision" (with Dalgaard, Kaarsen, Olsson & Selaya) (Jan, 2020) (CEPR wp

New working paper on climate change and political instability in Ancient Egypt with Laura Mayoral: "Pharaoh's Cage: Environmental Circumscription and Appropriability in Early State Development" (Dec, 2019)