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Recent media coverage for my working paper "Roman Roads to Prosperity: Persistence and Non-Persistence of Public Goods Provision" (Dalgaard, Kaarsen, Olsson & Selaya) (Feb, 2018) (CEPRSwopec)

New policy paper on future fiscal prospects of LNG production in Tanzania (Lokina, Olsson & Rose) (Feb, 2018) (link)

International media coverage for my article "Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons" (with Arcangelo Dimico and Alessia Isopi) Journal of Economic History 77(4) (Jan, 2018) (link) 

"State History and Economic Development: Evidence from Six Millennia" (Borcan, Olsson & Putterman) Journal of Economic Growth 23(1): 1-40 (linkappendix

Revised version of "Trade and Taxation in a 'Post'-Conflict State: Evidence from Traders on Congo River" (Olsson, Eriksson Baaz & Martinsson) (previously circulated as "Tolling on the River") (paper) (Dec, 2017)

New working paper on historical roots of cultural norms in Vietnam - "The Origins of Cultural Divergence: Evidence from a Developing Country" (Ho, Martinsson & Olsson) - now available (paper, supplementary material) (Dec, 2017)

Extended State History Index, coding the state histories of countries 3500 BCE - 2000 CE (Borcan, Olsson & Putterman, JOEG) now available online (Nov, 2017)