Rules and Regulations

1.       Persons opening gates must close same upon leaving.
2.       Any person who shall be within the grounds making any unnecessary noise or in any way conducting him or herself in an unseemly manner shall be required to leave at once.
3.       No vehicle shall be moved or parked on the grounds of the cemetery except that it is necessary in the business  of the cemetery.   Only contractors approved by the Board of Trustees (or designee) will be allowed in the cemetery; once approved, they must contact the Trustees (or designee) before performing any work.

4.       All persons are prohibited from picking any flowers, either cultivated or wild; damaging any tree or shrub; defacing any stone or monument; or discharging any firearms in the cemetery, except in military salute.


5.       All grave and corner markers must be flush with the ground.  One monument of some type is permissible.  All memorial markers and monuments are to be set in, or on a cement foundation.  Single interment spaces may only have a flush marker.  See below for “Monument Dimensions”


6.        Multiple Interments:  Multiple interments in a single burial space (4’X 9’) are permitted only in the following instances: 

a.      an adult and a child less than five years old at the time of death in a single  casket;

b.     two children each less than ten years old at the time of death in a single casket;

c.      two cremation remains over a previously interred casket;

d.     three crematory urns to a burial space (two remains may be placed in one urn) Note:  a cremation burial space is 3’ X 3’.


7.       All burials, including cremations, must be approved by the Board of Trustees (or designee).  Cremation interments are performed by the designee of the Board of Trustees of the Grove Cemetery Association.


8.       A concrete grave liner or burial vault with a one-piece lid is required for all full burials.


9.       The Owner(s) of a space/plot may not sell a space/plot to any other person, trust, or entity; except that the Owner(s) of a space/plot may sell a space/plot back to the Grove Cemetery Association if the Board of Trustees agrees.  If there is a sale price to be paid by the Board of Trustees, it shall not exceed the original purchase price of the space/plot. 


10.  The planting of real or artificial trees and shrubs, whether in the ground or in containers, will not be allowed.  Live flowers (annuals or bulbs) may be planted or placed in plastic pots at the base of the monument. These plants must not extend more than 12” from the base.  On a single interment space (4’ X 9’) with a flush marker and in the Cremation Section of the cemetery, only cut flowers or live, potted plants will be allowed.  Seasonal wreaths, logs, or baskets containing live or artificial flowers will be allowed from Thanksgiving to March 15th.


11.   The Trustees will conduct a general clean up of the cemetery grounds after March 15th each year.  Flowers and seasonal wreathes and logs will be removed at this time.


12.   Ornaments and Other Objects:  Ornaments and other objects such as, but not limited to, artificial flowers, shells, toys, rocks, metal designs, statues, luminaries, chairs, settees, and glass vases shall not be placed on burial plots/spaces.  Such ornaments and other objects, if left, will be removed by the Board of Trustees (or designee).


13.   American flags and Eastford Volunteer Fire Department flags will be placed at the cemetery by the Board of Trustees (or designee) on Memorial Day weekend and will be removed on or about December 1st.

                                         MONUMENT DIMENSIONS

GRAVE SIZE ( # burials)



8’ X 9’    (2) 

3’8”L  x 14”W x 8”H

Not to exceed 30” from ground (including base)

8’ X 9’    (2)

Slant marker

3’8”L x 14” x 6”H        

Not to exceed 22” from ground (including base)               

12’ X 9’  (3)

4’0”x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 32” from ground (including base)

16’ X 9’  (4)

6’0” x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 36” from ground

(including base)

24’ X 9’  (6)

6’0” x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 36” from ground

(including base)

4’ X 18’  (2)

2’6” x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 30” from ground

(including base)

8’ X 18’  (4)

3’8” x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 32” from ground (including base)

12’ X 18’ (6)

6’0” x 14” x 8”

Not to exceed 36” from ground (including base)




4’ X 9’    (1)

Single grave, one name

24” X 12” X 4”

4’ X 9’   (1)

Single grave, two names

30” X 12” X 4”

8’ X 9’ (2)

Double grave, two names

36” X 12” X 4”


Board of Trustees, Eastford Grove Cemetery Association, Inc.