eAIP Rules

1. Meetings.

1.1 Location.  Meetings of EAIP shall be held at the online site designated by the executive committee.

1.2 Debate.

1.2.1 Members shall seek recognition of the chair by entering "Mr. / Madam Chairman" and waiting for the chair to recognize the member.

1.2.2 Members shall indicate the end of their remarks in debate by finishing final statements with the word "End".

1.2.3 Members seeking recognition when another member has the floor shall preface their entry with the type of motion or question the member wishes to pose. e.g.: "point of order: Mr. Chairman" or "amend: Mr. Chairman"

1.2.4 All Main Motions shall be put into writing using the "Create text file" option in the Files section of the online site. (rescinded 2003-10-05)

1.2.4 No member may call the previous question after speaking in debate with out first relinquishing the floor.  (adopted 2006-05-07)

1.3 Voting.

1.3.1 Voting shall be conducted by use of general consent wherever possible.

1.3.2 Votes shall be taken in open chat unless a secret ballot is required unless another method is specified by a majority vote.(member objects and states a desire for use of the "Polls" instead.)

1.3.3 The chair shall announce the close of voting for each side by inquiring if there are any more votes. Once the chair has announced the result, no further votes shall be accepted.

1.3.4 The chair shall be responsible for using "Polls" to take all secret and/or formal votes. Only the chair may create polls. The chair shall create the poll and notify the members present when the poll is available for voting. The chair shall give warning of the conclusion of the poll. The chair shall conclude all polls and announce the results to the members present.

1.4 Education at meetings.

1.4.1 An educational session shall be held at each meeting.  (adopted 2004-10-02).

1.5 Records.

1.5.1 Transcripts of meetings shall be stored where members can read them.  (adopted 2004-09-12)

1.5.2 Minutes shall be posted online in an area restricted to EAIP members; Bylaws shall be posted online viewable to the public. (adopted 2008-01-06)

2. Parliamentary Authority. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall serve as the parliamentary authority for the EAIP.

Recommended abbreviations for the chat room meetings

  • "CR"- Chair recognizes. Used by presiding officer to assign the floor.
  • "END" - Used at the end of a statement to yield the floor.
  • "Initials – Aye/No" – Required in some chat rooms for voting to put unique text in your message to avoid anti-spam programming
  • "MP"- Mister President. Used by members to seek the floor
  • "M/S"- It has been moved and seconded. Used by presiding officer to state a motion.
  • "POI" - Point of Information. Used by members to rise to a point of information.
  • "POO" - Point of order. Used by members to rise to a point of order.
  • "POPI" - Point of parliamentary inquiry. Used by members to rise to a point of parliamentary inquiry.