Chat Room

E-AIP members and friends:
The Electronic Chapter of AIP (e-AIP) normally meets on the second Sunday of March and September at 9:00 pm Eastern time on the Slashnet IRC channel #eaip.  There are various ways to connect to the chat room.  One way, needing only an internet browser, is:
1. Go to (wait for the "Connect" screen with the "Nick" box to appear)
    BACKUP location, in case the server is down:
2. Enter Nick: yourname (your name with no spaces, e.g., TomJones, Tom_Jones_3rd, Tom_Smith-Jones; 16 characters max)
3. Click the "Go" button (then wait for several seconds for the chat screen to appear)
That's it!  It gives you a simple web-based interface.  You type your messages in the one-line text box at the bottom of the window and press your Enter key, and then your text appears in the large chat box above, interlined with text from other participants.  The right-side panel will list everyone in the chat room.
Although the text box is one line, it will post up to 1300 characters per entry.  If you paste or type something longer that that, such as bylaws, it just ignores the excess, but you can break up a larger document into small enough pieces to post a bigger document one small piece at a time.
The e-AIP website has instructions for downloading IRC (internet relay chat) desktop software if you wish to have more control.
Abbreviations are allowed for chat-room meetings (e.g., "MC" for "Mister/Madame Chairman" to seek recognition, "POO" for point of order).  The eAIP Rules page has a larger list of abbreviations at the bottom of the page.

The meetings have an educational program, and conducting business in an e-meeting is also a valuable learning experience.
Guests are welcome.  It would help if guests used a Nick like "guest_TomJones" (but the Nick should not be much longer than that).  To change your Nick once you've entered the chat room, simply post a message like this:
    /nick guest_TomJones

Paul McClintock, e-AIP President