Christian Testimony:

I was saved the last Sunday night in July, 1958 at the age of eleven under the preaching of our pastor, Bro. John Black. I had been "raised" in church, my Daddy being a Deacon, and my Mother being head of the WMU. I was faithful to the Lord and to church until I started to college where I simply got out of the "habit" of going to church.

Music and Life:

Music has always been a part of my life. I was involved in music in high school and college. When my wife, Debbi, and I were married, we were involved in Country music. In 1979, after being visited several times by a member of a local Independent Baptist church I rededicated my life to the Lord. About a month later, my wife got saved, her parents and sister got saved, and we all joined that church. We, naturally, stopped singing country, and started singing gospel. The problem was, we didn't know any gospel music! We had to listen to the gospel stations to know what was popular and to know what we wanted to sing. It was not long before we were called to do revivals, homecomings, and other singings. For over eight years, we traveled around as Family Circle. In 1982, the Lord saw fit to place me in the ministry. Two years later, I began to pastor my first church and was there for almost five years. In 1990, I was called to Central Baptist church in Jasper, Alabama, and have been there ever since. In all of that time, music has still been a part of my ministry. Eagle’s Wings is a product of our family, out of Central Baptist.


My influences over the years have been groups like the Inspirations, the Hemphills, the Nelons, the McKameys, the Isaacs, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, and the Cathedrals. I have, and still do, consider it a true privilege to be able to sing and play the greatest music there is: gospel. To God be the glory!

Darryle Wilson