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So far we've had a wonderful time as a group in 2023.

We recently got to play at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience all around, as we got to open for the Chuck Wagon Gang, and over 30 people confessed Christ as Saviour that evening.

We have officially begun the slow process recording CD #5. Instrument tracking was completed in late July at GAT3 in Gadsden AL. I think we have another set of great songs. We went with all originals again. We will finish the project (as usual) as money and time permits.

Pray for us!

Much Love,

Debbi, Ron, Kevin, Matt and Jacob



(Updated 20 August 2023)


For Bookings or Information: 205-522-4510 or E-Mail info@eagleswingsband.com

20 Aug 2023 - Sunday at 1:30 PM - Townley 1st Baptist Church - Townley AL

27 Aug 2023 - Sunday at 1:30 - With Tribute QT - Homecoming at Central Baptist Church  - Jasper AL

10 Sep 2023 - Sunday at 1:00 PM - Chapel Hill Baptist Church - Graysville AL

16 Sep 2023 - Saturday at ? PM - East End Baptist Church - Columbus MS

13 Jan 2024 - Saturday at 6 PM - with Red Back Revival Qt at old West Jefferson HS - West Jefferson AL



Our 4th and most recent CD 

"Let's All Tell the World About Jesus"

Our first with only "originals", meaning every song on the project was written by someone in the family.

Eight of the songs are by group members AND there is also one by Mama Eagle's brother, Ron Busby and one written by her dad, Floyd Busby.

Due to the unique events of the past few years we ended up releasing all 10 songs from this project to radio. This was the only material we had available. As it turned out all TEN of them made it to a number one spot on the Singing News or SGN Scoops (and sometimes both) Bluegrass Gospel charts. We are so thankful that the music has been a blessing to someone, and hope to have a new project coming out as soon as we can.

Cover design by Eagle's Wings and Studio D Productions, Chipley FL (thedrummondfamily@gmail.com)


Our Third CD "A Rugged Cross and an Empty Grave"

This one has a mix of "often requested" covers of Southern Gospel classics along with a few originals of our own.

Once again... Cover design by Studio D Productions, Chipley FL (thedrummondfamily@gmail.com)


Our Second CD "Headed Home"

 Cover design by Studio D Productions, Chipley FL (thedrummondfamily@gmail.com)


And just for old time's sake... our debut CD "Road Back Home"

Song List:

Between the Boat and the Sand (Matthew Wilson)

Mister Watson's Store (Kevin Chambers)

Shadow of His Wings (Matthew Wilson)

Pass Me Not (Public Domain)

Different Ways (Kevin Chambers)

Living Water (Darryle Wilson)

The Potter's Hand (Matthew Wilson)

The Lamb (Matthew Wilson)

Road Back Home (Matthew Wilson)

Two Coats (Public Domain)

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LAST UPDATE: August 20th, 2023


Debbi Wilson, Ron Busby, Kevin Chambers, Matt Wilson, Jacob Patterson

For Bookings or Information: 205-522-4510 or E-Mail info@eagleswingsband.com