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LATEST NEWS (March 3, 2018):

During the past weekend, we found out that we are in the running for a few more awards for 2018… a total of 5 nominations into the “first round” (these are just the top 10’s, so you STILL can vote for us!)

From the SGNScoops Magazine – Diamond Awards – We were nominated in 4 categories this year:

--- Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year – Eagle’s Wings
--- Bluegrass Gospel Song of the Year – A Rugged Cross and an Empty Grave
--- Bluegrass Gospel Male Vocalist – Matt Wilson
--- Bluegrass Gospel Female Vocalist – Debra Wilson

From Christian Voice Magazine – Gospel Music Fan Awards – We got another nomination:

--- Horizon Bluegrass Gospel Group – Eagle’s Wings

To Vote for the Diamond Awards you need to go to “SGNScoops(dot)com” the follow the links to “Diamond Award”.
(but give it a few days for the voting to open up)

To vote for the Gospel Music Fan Awards the web address is “christianvoicemagazine(dot)com” then look for “Gospel Music Fan Awards”.

So many thanks go out to anyone who nominated us. It’s very humbling to hear that someone appreciates what we do, especially enough to make a nomination. Thank you very much.


It's been out for several months now, but here's the latest CD from Eagle's Wings...

This one has a mix of "often requested" covers of Southern Gospel classics along with a few originals of our own.
Once again... Cover design by Studio D Productions, Chipley FL (thedrummondfamily@gmail.com)


Our Second CD "Headed Home"

 Cover design by Studio D Productions, Chipley FL (thedrummondfamily@gmail.com)

And just for old time's sake... our first CD "Road Back Home"




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LAST UPDATE: March 2018


Darryle Wilson, Debbi Wilson, Kevin Chambers, Matt Wilson, Jacob Patterson

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