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MYOTAPE is a mouth tape specially designed for sleep. It surrounds the mouth so your lips aren't "sealed". You can still open your mouth to speak or take a sip of water if you need to. The tape works using a light elastic tension that triggers neural connections in the muscles around the mouth, and reminds your brain to keep your mouth closed. Without this support, it's difficult to ensure nasal breathing during sleep. It's easy to use, hypoallergenic, and safe.
Nose breathing during sleep helps to reduce mouth snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea, improve dental health, improve heart reate variabilty and nervous system balance, slow the breathing rate to reduce stress, s;upport better sleep, reduce fatige and improve focus.
**Myotape can safely be used with children, aged 4 and up, during the day or at night to help improve nasal breathing which helps to support sleep, learning, and airway and dental development.

Sports Mask

Do you want to improve your athletic performance? Are you looking for new ways to improve your conditioning? Have you hit a plateau on your training?

The Sports Mask is one of the tools you can use to "up your game" and take it to the next level by simulating Altitude Training. Be aware that you will work harder, and may become exhausted when using it until your body adapts.

Manual and Training Instructions included.

Pulse Oximeter

A Pulse Oximeter is used for measuring the oxygen in your blood as well as your heart rate.

Oximeters give you and idea about how well your body utilizes oxygen, and are a helpful tool for athletes, breathing instructors, health care professionals, and when you simulate Altitude Training . Oximeters are easy to use, and work by putting them on your finger and waiting for a few seconds for a read out. The normal Oxygen Saturation or SpO2 is 95-99%.

This model is the Contec CMS-50DL which is FDA approved and Medical CE certified.

Breath As Medicine Courses

Take the 15 hour or 25 hour Breath as Medicine Training with Ed Harrold. You can learn more about the courses, which organizations accept them for CEU's, and register below using my affiliate link.