Class Fees

Becoming a Member of DWA 
DWA is a registered Community Group, so it's expected that parents/pupils become member of that Group for it to retain that status.

Our teachers are professionally qualified but work as volunteers for DWA so that we have no clash of interests within our daytime roles. 
In order to make sure that we can remain as a not-for-profit group while covering expenses, we do this through having two fees - a Membership fee and then a subscription or class fee – just the same as the Scouts/Guides movements have. 

Membership – either the parent (or pupil over 12) needs to become a Member of the Danceworks Altrincham community group. 
Membership is currently administered online through this website, using our Members only area. 
We send email invitations to join after the first few lessons and use the Members only area of this site to share information that's not necessarily for public viewing.

Membership Fees - 
Membership costs £2.50 per month - this will go towards the groups annual running costs such as teaching licences/liability insurance/music licences/electrical testing etc. We’ve incorporated this in the table below.

Class Fees or Subscription Fees currently are at the following rates:-
  • £3.50 for 45 minute classes
  • £6.50 for Wednesday theatre classes
For the first month, the above rate is applied for cash payments but this doesn’t address membership fees, so this is an introductory rate while the pupil settles in.
After one full month, we expect you to set up a monthly fee payment at the rate below – preferably via bank transfer/direct debit.  There would be no refunds for non-attendance (again, just as for Scouts/Guides).
The table below explains what the monthly subscription fee is, based upon how may classes your child takes part in:-


One Class

Two Classes

Three Classes

Saturday Pupils




Wednesday Theatre Pupils




Teen Cheer Pupils



The fees include the monthly £2.50 membership fee and have been averaged out across the year to take into account that we will teach between 36-38 weeks per year and not at all through August ;-). 

Ways to pay:-  please see the Members only area.