DWA Uniform Guidance

On these webpages, we've tried to show you what we consider to be our uniform of choice.

Nothing has to be new - we often have pre-loved uniform for sale that a parent is selling or which they've donated to the group, for us to sell. Sometimes, we can't help ourselves on ebay and grab a bargain while we can - to pass on.

http://www.dancinginthestreet.com/  really is the cheapest online supplier we're aware of but sometimes you can do well through ebay - just check the photos on the relevant pages first ;-)
We've taken screenshots of everything we prefer. We don't have shares! We're just using their pictures & giving you the links for speed/convenience.

Sometimes, it's best to visit a dancewear shop to get the right sizes first time. 
We do have a local shop on Manchester Road - fit2dance - http://www.f2dance.co.uk/
They also have a large shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter too:- http://www.movedancewear.com/

The Butterfly dress should be the Starlite brand but otherwise there's a range of brands for the rest.