Mission-------> Promote Science and Technology in Our Community.

Empower our community so that people can think for themselves, ask questions, question answers, and develop an understanding and respect for the world around them.

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Club Activities 2019-2020

Winter/Spring Activities 2020

Helmers Science Fair Judging

Golden Valley One Community Event

Circle of Friends On Campus Lunch Event

Fall Activities 2019

Green STEM Summit - College of the Canyons Nov. 2019

Hydrogel Filtration Systems for Non-Polar Contaminants" won the 2nd place for Environmental Art Ethics and Design. We also won in other categories like engineering and technology!

OmniNano - Dr. Currelli- Sept.

Guest speakers in STEM on Campus at lunch once a month!

UCLA- Dr. Blaik and Morgan Howe- Oct.

Tesoro Elementary- 10/29

Mountain View Elementary- 12/12

Club Activities 2018-2019

Winter/ Spring Activities 2019

ValleyView Elementary STEAM Night 4/11/19

North Lake Elementary 4/23/19

Europa Clipper Mission Overview

Guest Speaker- JPL


Guest Judging- Science Competition at Helmers elementary 2/4/19

Tesoro Elementary Outreach


Golden Valley One Community Event 2019

Golden Valley- One community event 2/23/19

SciFest at LA convention center

SciFest Socal- Helping Hitachi promote STEM!

Love that SEM!

NANO Day Celebration- Oct. 9 of course!

Nanomaterials Hand-ons Stations!

We had a full house!

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Winning Biological Image!

Dragonfly Leg

Fall Events 2018

Foster's Elementary Outreach


Mountain View Elementary


Green Stems Summit


Public Library Outreach- 12/5/18

Public Library Outreach

Guest Speaker - Pharmacy

Pharmacy Talk Guest Speaking VHS 2018.pptx

Events 2017- 18

Many Families One Community Event Outreach 2018

Bridgeport Elementary 2018

Castaic Elementary Outreach- Nov. 2017

Guest Speakers 2017-18

Maurita Denley - environmental engineer from Lockheed Martin

Guest Speakers 2016/2017

Tesoro Del Valle Elementary 2016-2017

Northpark Elementary - Sept. 2017

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Boys and Girls Club- Oct. 2017

Boys and Girls Club 2016-2017 Slide Show

2013-2014 Tesoro Elementary


2014-20145 Helmers Elementary

Outreach Events- 2016/ 2017

North Lake Elementary Science Night- 4/17

2/25 for Sulphur Springs Elementary District Event at Golden Valley


In the winter of 2012 our VHS students formed the STEMS club to promote science and technology to our local community after their experiences at the UCSB nanofabrication facility. The goal of the first year was to host an open house night event in the spring of 2013 as an opportunity for incoming students and their families to explore nanoscience activities related to physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. VHS students led hands- on activities designed to spark an interest in the practice of science, sharing their excitement for the future. The event was a huge success with over 200 visitors. Building on this success, our students created a new goal for the 2013 school year- provide our local elementary school students the opportunity to experience NanoNight at their schools utilizing the same network of enthusiastic student volunteers and hands-on materials. With the support of our administration and funding from our PAC grant, the STEMS club visited 2 elementary schools that first year, increasing to four schools the second year, and in our third year we have six local elementary schools thrilled to host our program! Today in our sixth year, we have extended our reach from elementary schools to community events, such as family nights and the Boys and Girls Club. The growth of this STEMS program at VHS showcases the excitement and importance of science and technology to our students and the community. The program has even traveled with our alumni to UCSD and UC Davis, where students have implemented similar programs at the college level.