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Welcome to the Nanoworld! 

It's a billionth of a meter 

where modern scientists and engineers are working to solve many problems- energy sources, flexible phones, cancer cures, you name it! As you embark on your science journey with me, we will travel the Nanoworld together learning about the amazing future ahead.

Eye scan access only! Working on the RIE (reactive ion etcher) in the $ MILLION cleanroom at UCSB.


What is Nano?

Nanotechnology Careers

Nanoscience Programs/ Facilities

UCLA UCSB Stanford UOM Harvard GA Tech AZ State

Nanovation Competition at UCLA- 5/01/17

Research Project Poster Presentations Event- 4/21/17

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  • Thank you to our sponsors- Lockheed Martin, UCLA Nanoscience Program, and Santa Clarita Environmental Education Consortium (SCEEC)

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