STEMS Club Elementary Science Outreach! 
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Welcome to the Nanoworld!! its so small 1 x 10-9 m or a billionth of a meter!

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are the areas where modern scientists and engineers are working to solve today's most pressing problems- energy sources, smaller and more powerful electronics (when will the next iphone come out?), cancer cures, you name it. 

As you embark on your science journey with me either in biology, chemistry, or the new nanoscience class, we will travel the nanoworld together learning about the amazing future that will affect your life either as a citizen consumer or maybe even as a scientist or engineer! 

Research Project Poster Session
Quarter long research projects culminated in a poster session with guest judges from UCLA, UCSB, and our local community college. Please check out the video and pictures


The first annual NanoNight was a great success thanks to everyone involved. The students who volunteered at the event did a wonderful job- from welcoming people with the "red carpet" to the concise and well communicated explanations at the stations.

Where's Lincoln? Living in the microworld on the penny!

First field trip will be to the UCSB Teaching Cleanroom
Why is it so yellow in there?????

We will be etching into silicon wafers!

Nanoworld!!- its so small 1 x 10-9 m or a billionth of a meter!
Eye scan access only - it's mission Nanopossible!
Working with my mentor on the RIE (reactive ion etcher)  
in the high tech cleanroom at UCSB.

Interesting Nanotechnology Sites

Nanoscience Programs/ Nanotechnology Facilities

....and many more- let me know if you find another