We are a group of physicists, biochemists, and material scientists interested in understanding the origin of collective behaviors in biomimetic active materials.

Interested in soft condensed matter, liquid crystals, pattern formation, cell motility, or fluid dynamics? Join us!

Active matter: activity-driven phase transitions, topological active fluids, folding of soft materials

Biophysics: nematic tissues, collective cell migration, cell-cell communication


  • Congrats Najma on receiving the Berko prize for exceptional research accomplishments

  • Check out our recent work published last December, great job Pooja and Minu!

Confinement Controls the Bend Instability of Three-Dimensional Active Liquid Crystals

  • Welcome to Annemarie, Ben, and Bennet!


Our lab is part the Bioinspired Brandeis MRSEC (link here)

NSF CAREER award (2021-2026)