Dubuque Chapter Izaak Walton League Of America

We have made many improvements over the last year!

Chapterhouse interior remodeling almost complete! Bay 4 renovation and improvements to come!

Bay 4 (Formerly known as "The Pit") is a "Pit" no longer!! Completely re-excavated and improved for safety and drainage reasons- Bay 4 now has a concrete pad to shoot from-- new concrete block walls to prevent erosion- a level path for access (handicapped accessible)- and soon to come, a shelter to protect shooters from the elements and sun! (2017-2019- Work done by members of our Board of Directors and other volunteers)

New fence between skeet and 5-stand - Longer and higher with plenty of space for sponsors!

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The Dubuque Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, in existence for over 80 years, is the Tri-State's Premier location to enjoy Conservation and the Shooting Sports. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Mississippi Valley, the Dubuque Chapter spreads out over 38 acres of beautiful land, lush forests and hardy prairies. Ongoing conservation projects, such as American Chestnut Tree Re-forestation and an Ornamental Tree Nursery, mixed together with shooting sports like Trap shooting, Skeet, 5-Stand Sporting Clays, IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), as well as the growing sport of "Zombie" Shooting.

Founded in 1922, the Izaak Walton League is one of the nation's oldest and most respected conservation organizations. With a powerful grassroots network of more than 250 local chapters nationwide, the League takes a common-sense approach toward protecting our country's natural heritage and improving outdoor recreation opportunities for all Americans. We invite you to learn about our work and to join us in supporting important conservation initiatives in your community.

We are an NRA Affiliated organization as well as a Civilian Marksmanship Program Affiliate!! www.nra.org http://thecmp.org