Risus Stuff

Here's things I've written for Risus: The Anything RPG by John Ross. Download Risus yourself here - it's a great, free tabletop RPG. All settings are copyright Dan Suptic. I would make it Daniel Suptic, but in the Risus community, I'm just 'Dan'.

I've taken on the admin duties of the new Risusiverse site (the premier fan site for Risus). That meant migrating all the old data, coming up with site layout, obtaining the domain name... all sorts of fun stuff. I'm pretty proud with how it all turned out.

Here's my personal favorite setting that I've done, a high magic fantasy world with a lot of little quirks. I've put a lot of work into this setting, and I hope to put a lot more into it in the future. It also has a separate character sheet PDF for easy printing.
Arcadomai Character Sheet

Risus Mariachi
A setting about music and the mayhem that follows musicians.

Cowboys and Indie Bands
The successor to Risus Mariachi, featuring more humor and better writing. Fellow Risus guy Brent Wolke also did a nice spit shine and polish of this setting, putting it all in a fancy PDF file available here.

Dao Sheng
Martial arts and post-apocalyptic scavenging. Fun times!

Rogue Risus
A roguelike dungeon with Risus rules. It even has it's own character sheet.
Rouge Risus Character Sheet
(reworking, Character Sheet is currently not available)

A setting built on very little.

Or in other words, it's the Super-Happy-Go-Go-Fun-Time-All-World-Speedy-Good-Delivery-Service-Special-Force-Delta-Five. It's time travel. It's a delivery service in space. It's the weirdest thing I've ever written. Don't say I didn't warn you.

When the simple 6 pages of Risus just aren't enough.

Fortifying Foes
A little article for GMs, giving them options for boosting their baddies for more interesting Risus combat. David Stahler Jr. arranged it all in a nice print-friendly PDF available here.

The Haunting of the Abandoned Amusement Park

Here's my entry for the Risus community's One-Page Adventure Challenge for July. File available in the attachment section on this page as a PDF.

Factions of the Citadel - The Second Age

Brent Wolke hosted a One-Page Steampunk Setting Challenge, and this silly little 'GM'-less PvP setting is my entry.

Wardens of Mars
Brent Newhall gave a One-Page challenge to create a high magic, non-medieval fantasy setting, and this is my submission.
My personal set of Risus dice

These dice would be great for Risus

These would work nicely too