I am pleased to announce the Spring 2022 publication of my mother’s memoir

Through My Looking Glass

Dr. Winafred Lucas’s memoir illuminates the 20th century from the perspective of a strong, independent woman - a pioneering therapist, world traveler, and seeker of spiritual growth.

From her personal experiences in Jungian and Freudian analysis, through studying humanistic, transpersonal, and psychedelic therapies, to her later work as a pioneer of regression therapy, Dr. Lucas’ lively account traces major developments in the history of psychotherapy and offers unique insights on spiritual life.

Always a seeker, she was still exploring her understanding and vision for the manuscript when she passed. As her daughter, I have been working to bring her vision to fruition for the past three years.

-Dr. Afton Blake

Please email me at draftonblake@gmail.com to be notified upon publication.

In the meantime, enjoy these previews:


Table of Contents

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