Epistemology and Methodology in Ethics

A short book introducing central topics in these fields. Under review with Cambridge University Press for their Elements series

Abstract ~ MS of May 2019


34. The Puzzle of Inefficacy

forthcoming in Philosophy and Climate Change (Eds Mark Budolfson, Tristram McPherson, and David Plunkett), Oxford University Press

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

33. Evaluative Predicates as Classificatory Devices?

forthcoming in Philosophical Studies, special issue of papers from the Oberlin Colloquium

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

32. Expressivism without Minimalism

forthcoming in Meaning, Decision and Norms: Themes from the Work of Allan Gibbard (Eds. William Dunaway and David Plunkett, Maize Books {University of Michigan])

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

Link to related discussion on Pea Soup, October 2017

31. Veganism as a Food Ethic (co-authored with Corey Katz)

forthcoming in Handbook of Eating and Drinking (Ed. Herb Meiselman, Springer)

Penultimate MS

30. Conceptual Ethics and the Methodology of Normative Inquiry (co-authored with David Plunkett)

forthcoming in Conceptual Ethics and Conceptual Engineering (Eds. Alexis Burgess, Herman Cappelen, and David Plunkett, Oxford University Press)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

29. Ardent Realism without Referential Normativity

forthcoming in a symposium on Matti Eklund's Choosing Normative Concepts, Inquiry

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

28. Moral Steadfastness and Metaethics (co-authored with Jamie Fritz)

forthcoming in Nature and Implications of Disagreement, a special issue of American Philosophical Quarterly (Issue Eds. Michele Palmira and Sarah Stroud)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

27. Explaining Practical Normativity

online first in Topoi

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

26. Naturalistic Moral Realism, Moral Rationalism, and Non-Fundamental Epistemology

The Many Moral Rationalisms (Eds. Karen Jones and Francois Schroeter, Oxford University Press), 2018

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

25. Authoritatively Normative Concepts

Oxford Studies in Metaethics Vol. 13 (Ed. Russ Shafer-Landau), 2018

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

24. The Ethical Basis for Veganism

The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics (Eds. Anne Barnhill, Tyler Doggett, and Mark Budolfson, Oxford University Press), 2018

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

23. What do you Mean "This isn't the Question"? (co-authored with David Enoch)

Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 47 No. 6, 2017. Part of a symposium on T. M. Scanlon's book Being Realistic About Reasons, with a reply from Scanlon

Penultimate MS

22. The Nature and Explanatory Ambitions of Metaethics (co-authored with David Plunkett)

The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics (Eds Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett), 2017


21. Ethical Judgment and Motivation (co-authored with David Faraci)

The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics (Eds Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett), 2017

Penultimate MS

20. Reference Magnetism as a Solution to the Moral Twin Earth Problem (co-authored with Billy Dunaway)

Ergo Vol 3 No. 25, 2016.

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

19. Engineering Social Justice into Traffic Control for Self-Driving Vehicles? (co-authored with Miloš Mladenović; I am second author)

Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics Vol. 22 No. 4, 2016

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

18. How to Argue for (and against) Ethical Veganism

Food, Ethics, and Society ( Eds. Anne Barnhill, Tyler Doggett, and Mark Budolfson), 2016

The Moral Life (Eds. Louis Pojman and Lewis Vaughn), 2017

Doing Ethics (Ed. Lewis Vaughn), 2018

Penultimate MS

This paper uses veganism as a topic within which to introduce argumentative philosophical writing. This paper was written to be used in undergraduate teaching; you are encouraged to consider using it for that purpose!

17. Supervenience in Ethics

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( Ed. Edward N. Zalta), 2015

Link to Entry

16. A Moorean Defense of the Omnivore?

The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat (Eds. Ben Bramble and Robert Fischer. Oxford University Press, 2015)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

15. Why I am a Vegan (and you should be one too)

Philosophy Comes to Dinner (Eds. Andrew Chignell, Terence Cuneo, and Matthew Halteman. Routledge, 2015)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

This paper was written to be used in undergraduate teaching; you are encouraged to consider using it for that purpose!

14. The Methodological Irrelevance of Reflective Equilibrium

The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods (Ed. Christopher Daly. Palgrave 2015)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

13. Deliberative Indispensability and Epistemic Justification (co-authored with David Plunkett)

Oxford Studies in Metaethics Vol. 10 (Ed. Russ Shafer-Landau. Oxford University Press 2015)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

12. What is at Stake in Debates among Normative Realists?

Noûs Vol 49 No. 1 (2015)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

11. Moral Attitudes for Non-cognitivists (co-authored with Gunnar Bjornsson)

Mind Vol. 123 No. 489 (2014)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

10. Ethical Principles for the Design of Next-Generation Traffic Control Technologies

(co-authored with Miloš Mladenović)

Virginia Tech ISCE Applied Ethics Initiative White Paper

Link to paper

9. A Case for Ethical Veganism: Intuitive and methodological considerations

Journal of Moral Philosophy Vol. 11 No. 6 (2014)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

8. Semantic Challenges to Normative Realism

Philosophy Compass Vol. 8 No. 2, (February 2013)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

7. Unifying Moral Methodology

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 93 No. 4 (December 2012)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

6. Ethical Non-naturalism and the Metaphysics of Supervenience

Oxford Studies in Metaethics Volume 7 (Ed. Russ Shafer Landau. Oxford University Press 2012)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

5. Mark Schroeder's Hypotheticalism: Agent-neutrality, Moral Epistemology and Methodology

Philosophical Studies Vol. 157 No. 3 (December 2012) - Symposium on Mark Schroeder's Slaves of the Passions.

Penultimate MS

4. Against Quietist Normative Realism

Philosophical Studies Vol 154. No 2. (June 2011)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

3. Unnatural Normativity? Critical Notice of Ralph Wedgwood's The Nature of Normativity

Philosophical Books Vol. 50 No. 2 (April 2009)

Abstract ~ Penultimate MS

2. Moorean Arguments and Moral Revisionism

Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy Vol. 3 No. 2 (June 2009)

Abstract ~ Paper

1. Metaethics and the Autonomy of Morality

Philosophers' Imprint Vol. 8 No. 6 (July 2008)

Abstract ~ Paper

Co-edited Volumes:

Philosophy and Climate Change (forthcoming, co-editor with Mark Budolfson and David Plunkett)

This is a volume of new essays on a variety of philosophicl questions arising in the context of climate change.

The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics (2017, co-editor, with David Plunkett)

This volume surveys the terrain of contemporary metaethics in forty-four specially commissioned chapters.

Short reviews and encyclopedia entries:

Review of Matti Eklund's Choosing Normative Concepts

Notre Dame Philosophical Review

Link to Review

The Open Question Argument

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015

Penultimate MS


International Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2013

Penultimate MS

A priori moral knowledge

International Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2013

Penultimate MS

Review of Oxford Studies in Metaethics Vol. V

Ethics Vol. 121 No. 4 (July 2011)

Penultimate MS

Review of Mark Kalderon, Moral Fictionalism

Philosophical Review Vol. 117 No. 3 (July 2008)

Penultimate MS


For Unity in Moral Theorizing

Princeton University Dissertation (July 2008)

Abstract ~ Full Dissertation