I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ohio State University

I am affiliated with Ohio States' Center for Ethics and Human Values and its Sustainability Institute

At the broadest level, my research focuses on four philosophical questions about ethics:

  • What ought we to do (both generally, and in some of the pressing and hard cases that now confront us)?
  • What are we doing when we engage in ethical thought and talk (as in the preceding bullet point)?
  • Are there ethical facts? If so, how could they fit into our best overall account of reality?
  • What is the best way of going about answering the preceding questions?

In pursuing these questions, I am gripped both by the methodologist’s goal of understanding and improving our practices of inquiry, and by the practitioner’s aim of making substantive progress in philosophical inquiry.

You can learn more about my research here.

If you have a fetish for CVs, mine can be found here.

I hail from Vancouver, Canada, which has left me with weaknesses for vegan cuisine, karaoke, and the martial art aikido (although the latter interests have been sadly neglected in recent years). I live in Columbus, Ohio with my love Amy Shuster, and our child Finn.

If you are here because my Facebook and google+ pages are shockingly cryptic, you can learn more about me here.

If you would like to get in touch, please drop me an email at:

dr [dot] tristram [at] gmail [dot] com

What I am up to (Fall 2018):

    • Presenting and writing on the structure of our ethical obligations in light of our relationships to unethical institutions
    • Presenting and writing on the nature of normative concepts
    • Working on two book projects, on the epistemology and methodology of ethics, and on normative realism, respectively
    • Preparing to submit the co-edited book Philosophy and Climate Change to OUP (Co-edited with Mark Budolfson and David Plunkett)
    • Co-leading the Proseminar for OSU's new philosophy graduate students with Declan Smithies
    • Supporting OSU Philosophy's job candidates as our placement director
    • In my leisure time, I hope to spend a lot of time with my family and friends, make and eat many loaves of bread and delicious vegan meals, do yoga, lift weights, play chess, and read some good fiction, some of it with my kid.