Regression Therapy

Have You Wondered about (Past Life) Regression Therapy?

What is It? And How Does It Work?

My specialty in Past Life Regression Therapy always arouses curiosity and even suspicion. The general public’s assumption is that one has to believe in reincarnation. Past life therapy is viewed as esoteric, falling within the realm of the metaphysical.

However, as prominent researcher Heather Friedman Rivera, R.N., J.D., Ph.D., clarifies in her book Healing the Present from the Past, it is not belief in the reality of past lives that is important, but rather that healing takes place. Dr. Rivera shows that healing emotional and even physical illness is often profound and rapid in past life regression therapy, regardless of one’s belief system.

There is no need to believe in past lives in order to experience the breakthroughs that this work can bring. Many people find themselves generating sudden insights that have eluded them in previous therapy or soul work.

The actual "technique" of guiding one into a MEMORY of a "past life" opens the door into the deep psyche, where one’s personal wisdom and even the collective wisdom where eons of healing knowledge have accumulated is found.

Whether or not there is a real past life lived by an individual, the powerful emotion (abreaction) partnered with the vivid sensate experience allows for understanding of disease/distress patterns in which one has found oneself stuck in one’s present life.

Subsequent understanding and consequent healing often occur in the same way they would in psychoanalytic or depth psychotherapy, in which healing occurs by revisiting the childhood to discover where harmful patterns were created.

Many individuals have come for a regression out of curiosity with no expectation of any special experience, let alone healing, change, or growth. To their astonishment, they are transported into a journey often described as more “real” and intense than their present life.

For those interested in exploring their unconscious past life regression therapy is a powerful vehicle to help on the journey of “knowing” oneself.

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