Couples Therapy

"Each coming together of man and wife, even if they have been mated for many years, should be a fresh adventure; each winning should necessitate a fresh wooing."

-Marie Stopes

Your work together begins as I guide you to remember your roots as a couple - to relive the feelings that drew you to each other and led you to make a loving commitment. From this foundation, we can then begin to examine the causes of the hurt and anger that led you to seek therapy and to transform the toxicity that blocks you from nourishing and caring for each other.

I am committed to working with you to discover the best path for your relationship. Many people who enter couples therapy desire to stay together and make this desire a reality through committed effort. However, it is also the case that people may grow in different directions as they self-actualize. If separation is the right choice, I will work with you to create a new relationship pattern that offers authentic opportunities for happiness and growth for both partners.

"Love alone is not enough. Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, boredom. Relationships fail not because we have stopped loving, but because we first stopped imagining."

-James Hillman