In November 2017, Doug became the President of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. ECOO https://www.ecoo.org

Doug Peterson most recently was a sessional instructor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor.

Previously, Doug had taught Data Processing, Computer Science, Accounting, General Business Studies, and Mathematics at the secondary school level and was the Director of Business Education at Sandwich Secondary School in LaSalle, Ontario.

Doug also was a Computers in Education Program Consultant with the Essex County Board of Education and, after the amalgamation of school boards, the Greater Essex County District School Board. For a time, Doug was asked and served as Manager of Computer Services for Greater Essex County.

Doug’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto. Ontario Ministry of Education and Training qualifications are in Data Processing, Computer Science, Accounting, and Mathematics.


My Blog

The content of my blog is generated by whatever strikes my fancy at any given point. It might be computers, weather, political, or something else in nature. I experiment and comment a lot on things so don’t take anything here too seriously; I might change my mind a day later but what you read is my thought and opinion at the time I wrote it! I try to blog daily.



This service is taking the internet by storm. It’s a communication tool that you update 280 characters at a time. Don’t sell it short and develop a network of followers or people to follow.


My Diigo Bookmarks

I’ve started to bookmark things that I find on Diigo. It has more classroom potential than Delicious but I’m keeping both. When I bookmark to Diigo, I have it sent to Delicious where I’ve built a pretty powerful network of followers. My daily finds, as noted below, are scraped over to this blog so that you can see what I’m up to.


My Professional Development Wiki

I have moved some of the workshops that I do to this Wiki. I encourage you to join the Wiki and edit the pages with your own ideas about how to make the workshop or PD resources better.


My Alltop Page

RSS is nice; but to have your own page of the best of the best is pretty nice too. My Alltop Page is one of the default pages in my browser that gives me hand selected resources.


My Posterous Page

Posterous is not quite blog; not quite Twitter; but it’s a fabulous way to easily collect and embed resources and send updates by email.


My Tizmos Page

I work from a number of different computers, including the computers of others. A quick hop here gets me to my start page(s) wherever I happen to be.


My Pinterest Page

I'm experimenting with Pinterest as a visual way of bookmarking resources. In particular, I share the stories that I read here in case you're interested.



I’m not a real regular user of Skype because I’m seldom in one spot for any period of time. But, when I’m around and connected, you’ll find me here.


My GECDSB Website

This is the website that I created and maintained with the Greater Essex County District School Board. Here, you’ll find resources that I have developed for a number of different things. Since the audience is K-12 for over 80 locations, there are lots of things there and it continually grows. I no longer maintain the site and am unaware of its future. It may just go away one day.

http://www.gecdsb.on.ca/d&g/ You can visit via the Wayback Machine here - https://web.archive.org/web/20100611054707/www.gecdsb.on.ca/d&g/

(Sadly, it has gone away, but not this great review from Education World. The site got even better before it closed in 2010. http://www.educationworld.com/a_tech/tech154.shtml)

Webquest Locator

I’m a real fan of the Webquest as a structured way for students and teachers to use the Internet in the classroom. As I find Webquests, they are categorized by subject area or age group and put in this searchable database.


Monthly Newsletter

Once a month, I created and posted this 10-12 page newsletter to provide some inspiration for the use of computers and technology in the classroom.


Daily Newsletter

Actually, no pixels were created by me. However, paper.li does a cool job of putting together a daily resource for me.

Doug Peterson Daily

I believe that you need to carve out your own identify on the internet. This site is mine and I share it with my kids who may share my passion some day.


Learning Objects

I have created a number of resources that are freely available from the OSAPAC Learning Object Repository. Check out these free classroom downloads to support Ontario Ministry of Education licensed software.

Internationally known for relevant and entertaining workshops and presentations that actively involve his audiences, Doug has presented at annual conferences and professional development events for:

  • Association of Computer Science Educators (ACSE)
  • Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)
  • National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)
  • Michigan Association of Educational Data systems (MAEDS)
  • Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO)
  • Ontario Business Education Association (OBEA)
  • Classrooms 2000 (OPSTF)
  • Ontario Association of Junior Educators (OAJE)
  • Ontario School Librarian Association (OSLA)
  • Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee (OSAPAC)
  • Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF)
  • Regional Computer Advisory Committee (RCAC)
  • The Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Local School Districts in Ontario and southeastern Michigan
  • Ontario Knowledge Network for Learning (OKNL)
  • University of Windsor
  • Educational Computing Organization of Ontario's SIG Elem (ECOO-ELEM)

In addition to the resources that you'll find on this website, make sure that you check the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee's (OSAPAC) Learning Object Repository. You'll find resources that I've contributed there free for the download.

Some of the things done...

  • Surfin' 101
  • Surfin' 201
  • Doug and Grover Mine the Internet
  • Doug and Grover's Top 10 Suggestions for Web Page Success
  • Doug and Grover Stay Current
  • Microsoft Works Across the Curriculum
  • Clarisworks Across the Curriculum
  • PCGlobe Across the Curriculum
  • Authoring with Claris Homepage for Great Web Pages
  • Internet to Paper
  • Multimedia Authoring with Hyperstudio/Authority
  • Advanced Hyperstudio Concepts
  • Effective Electronic Presentations
  • Electronic Resources
  • Integrating the Internet Into Your Classroom and Digital Citizenship
  • Just Graphics
  • Desktop Publishing with Microsoft Publisher
  • Introduction to Webquests
  • Surf Less, Find More
  • The Internet in Your Classroom (Live, and Online)
  • Webquest Authoring
  • Webquests in the Computer Science Classroom
  • Mining the Internet for Computer Science Resources
  • Introduction to eTeacher
  • Planning and Assessing with eTeacher
  • Clay Animation in Hyperstudio Projects
  • Database Design with Filemaker Pro
  • My Slice of the Internet
  • The Answer to Every Question is Hyperstudio
  • Analyzing Data with Fathom
  • Creating Web Content with Dreamweaver MX
  • Creating Web Content with Flash MX
  • Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner
  • Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Working with Markbook
  • Microsoft Office
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Kurzweil 2000 in the Special Education Classroom
  • Working with Superpack
  • Make and Take with Kidpix
  • Web Resources for Computer Science Education
  • Digital Camera in the Classroom
  • Movie Making with iMovie
  • Just Spreadsheets
  • Just Databases
  • Great Moments in Multimedia
  • Palms and Probes in Junior Science
  • Three Days of Macromedia
  • Concept Maps with SMART Ideas
  • Analyzing Data with Tinkerplots
  • In Search of...Learning Resources
  • Do You Google?
  • Multimedia Authoring with Clicker 5